Giant Licorice 1933

1933 Giant Licorice

Collection: 108 cards
Scarcity rating: 5
Giant Licorice released a very different looking set in 1933 with head and shoulder shots of players and a club emblem on the front, sitting atop a light green background. The top also displayed ‘League’ or ‘Association’, depending if the player was in the VFL or VFA. As well as the footy cards, customers could also follow instructions on the pack to obtain a book called ‘Licorice Larks’ – apparently the funniest book ever written! These cards have since been known as the Licorice Larks set.

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NNO Cresswell Crisp
NNO Maurie Johnson
NNO Joe Kelly
NNO Gordon Mackie
NNO Harry Vallence
NNO John Beveridge
NNO Harry Collier
NNO Gordon Coventry
NNO Syd Coventry
NNO Horace Edmonds
NNO Garnet Campbell
NNO Thomas Clarke
NNO Keith Forbes
NNO Edward Freyer
NNO Clarrie Hearn
NNO Haydn Bunton
NNO Jack Moriarty
NNO Doug Nicholls RC
NNO Ray Niven
NNO Wilfred Smallhorn
NNO Harry Baker
NNO Alan Hopkins
NNO Alby Morrison
NNO Alan Rait
NNO William Spurling
NNO Edward Greeves
NNO Reg Hickey
NNO George Maloney
NNO Len Metherell
NNO George Todd
NNO Jim Francis
NNO Bert Hyde
NNO Ted Poole
NNO Jack Ryan
NNO Stewart Stewart
NNO Robert Johnson
NNO Colin Niven
NNO William Tymms
NNO Ray Usher
NNO Pop Vine
NNO Syd Barker
NNO Charles Cameron
NNO John Gregory
NNO John Lewis
NNO Richard Taylor
NNO Alan Geddes
NNO Stan Judkins
NNO Douglas Strang
NNO Gordon Strang
NNO Jack Titus
NNO Harold Comte
NNO Stuart King
NNO Bill Mohr
NNO Geoff Neil
NNO Colin Watson RC
NNO Ossie Bertram
NNO Jack Bissett RC
NNO Brighton Diggins
NNO Ron Hillis
NNO Peter Reville
NNO Stewart Clough
NNO Albert Joynson
NNO J Parkinson
NNO Joe Poulter
NNO Frank Anderson
NNO Hedley Blackmore
NNO John Dowling
NNO Frank Fitzgerald
NNO Charlie Clamp
NNO Harry Jones
NNO Horrie Mason
NNO Robert O’Neill
NNO William Leahy
NNO Clarrie Mears
NNO George Rudolph
NNO Greg Stockdale
NNO Robert Ross
NNO Percy Rowe
NNO Frank Seymour
NNO Jack Woods
NNO Norman Driver
NNO Eric Fleming
NNO Joe Wiltshire
NNO Frank Yann
NNO Joe Garbutt
NNO William Lovett
NNO Harold Lowrie
NNO E Perrett
NNO Lew Gough
NNO George Harris
NNO William Koop
NNO Frank Smith
NNO Edward Brewis
NNO Harry Davie
NNO Frank Dowling
NNO Charlie McSwain
NNO Barclay Bailes
NNO Norm Beckton
NNO Harvey Johnson
NNO Lloyd Johnson
NNO Arthur Cutting
NNO Leo Drew
NNO John Lonergan
NNO Charlie Stanbridge
NNO Edward Bourke
NNO Roy Evans
NNO Con Sheehan
NNO Jack Wunhym
NNO Card Advertisement


1933 giant licorice larks