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What the columns mean

In each section of the price guide there is a HI and LO column. These represent the selling ranges of the listed cards and sets. The do not correspond to different conditions of the cards, nor do they represent buy and sell prices. The HI colum represents full retail prices, which is the cards full value. Popular cards generally sell for this amount of sometimes even higher. The LO column represents the price you may be able to get the card for at a reduced level. This is influenced by a number of factors including regional variation, sales, player unpopularity and other factors. The HI column is usually the price quoted by a dealer as the full value of a particular card or set.

Card Condition

Grading of cards is subjective. Collectors differ on the strictness and importance of qualitise. The following condition guide is to minimise subjectivity.

  • Mint
  • Near Mint
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Cards from the mid 1990’s onwards should be in near mint to mint condition in order to be valued as the listed price.
Cards from the 1970-80’s should be in excellent condition (1970-80’s cards in near mint or mint condition are valued at 125% of the listed price).
Cards from the 1950-60’s should be in very good condition (1950-60’s cards in excellent condition are valued at 125-150% of the listed price, in near mint condition are valued at 150-200% of the listed price.

Numbered Cards

In more recent times, certain cards from limited releases have been numbered. Low numbered cards (ie. 003/180) attract a premium and are valued at 50-100% higher than the listed price. A card is generally considered a low number if it is in single digits. The lower the number, the higher the premium. A numbered card featuring the players jumper number also attracts a premium, and is valued at 50-100% higher than the listed price.

RC – Rookie Card definition

A players rookie card (RC) is the first appearance on a regular issue card from one of the major companies (Kornies, Scanlens, Stimorol, Regina, Select). A RC is not a subset or insert card, but the first standard release card of that player by a mainstream company.

What the arrows mean

Up arrows (green) means a card or set has increased in market value and down arrows (red) mean a card or set has decreased in market value. It does not determine if a card or set will continue to go up or down in value in the future.

How do we price cards and sets?

Our team performs extensive research when curating our price guide and updating the lists. Prices are influenced by online sales on eBay and eBid, sales at auction houses and trading card and collectable stores. We also include factors such as player popularity and performance, age and scarcity.

This is only a guide

Footy Card Guide lists prices of Aussie Rules football cards which are to be used only as a guide. They do not represent fixed prices or an offer to buy or sell on behalf of our staff or anyone else.