1993 Select AFL

1993 Select Football Cards

Collection: 192 Common Cards, 4 Signature Cards (1:500 packs)

In 1993, the hobby changed forever. Select Australia released their inaugural set of footy cards, and 3 decades later the brand is stronger than ever! With 8 cards per pack (and no bubble gum finally) they featured an action shot of each player set within a white background. The AFL logo was positioned in the top right corner. The 1993 release included 4 signature cards, inserted randomly into packs. They featured stars Tony Lockett, Stewart Loewe, Jason Dunstall and Stephen Kernahan and the cards were essentially exactly the same as their common card, but with a signature. The only way to distinguish a pre-signed card from an autograph in person was the inserts had a UV coating.

1993 select afl box



1993 select gary ablett

Complete Set (192)
Common Card (1-192)

1 Logo
2 Dean Kemp
3 Chris Mainwaring
4 Dwayne Lamb
5 Peter Sumich
6 Craig Turley
7 Karl Langdon
8 John Worsfold
9 Glen Jakovich
10 Peter Matera
11 Brett Heady
12 Ashley McIntosh
13 Guy McKenna
14 Logo
15 Barry Mitchell
16 Jamie Lawson
17 Brad Tunbridge
18 Dennis Carroll
19 Dale Lewis
20 Simon Minton-Connell
21 Paul Kelly RC
22 David Strooper
23 Craig Nettelbeck
24 Mark Bayes
25 Darren Kappler
26 Logo
27 Gilbert McAdam
28 Nathan Burke
29 Danny Frawley
30 Tony Lockett
31 Nicky Winmar
32 Russell Morris
33 Adrian Fletcher
34 Stewart Loewe
35 Jamie Shanahan
36 Robert Harvey
37 Tim Pekin
38 Craig Devonport
39 Logo
40 Dale Weightman
41 Craig Lambert
42 Matthew Knights
43 Chris Naish
44 Wayne Campbell
45 Brendon Gale
46 Stuart Maxfield
47 Mark McQueen
48 Tony Free
49 Jeff Hogg
50 Stevan Jackson
51 Logo
52 Peter German
53 Wayne Schwass
54 Wayne Carey
55 Michael Martyn
56 Ben Buckley
57 Ross Smith
58 Craig Sholl
59 Darren Crocker
60 John Longmire
61 Matthew Larkin
62 Alex Ishchenko
63 Logo
64 Chris Sullivan
65 David Schwarz
66 Garry Lyon
67 Glenn Lovett
68 Graeme Yeats
69 Jim Stynes
70 Todd Viney
71 Allen Jakovich
72 Andy Lovell
73 Brett Lovett
74 Peter Rohde
75 Logo
76 Andrew Collins
77 Stephen Lawrence
78 Darren Jarman
79 Paul Dear
80 Ben Allan
81 Andrew Gowers
82 Darrin Pritchard
83 Jason Dunstall
84 Dermott Brereton
85 Chris Langford
86 John Platten
87 Gary Ayres
88 Logo
89 Mark Bairstow
90 Bill Brownless
91 Paul Couch
92 Tim McGrath
93 Barry Stoneham
94 Andrew Bews
95 Ken Hinkley
96 Garry Hocking
97 Paul Brown
98 Gary Ablett
99 Michael Mansfield
100 Peter Riccardi
101 Logo
102 Doug Hawkins
103 Scott Wynd
104 Tony Campbell
105 Glenn Coleman
106 Simon Atkins
107 Steven Wallis
108 Danny Del Re
109 Stephen Macpherson
110 Chris Grant
111 Peter Foster
112 Tony Liberatore
113 Steven Kretiuk
114 Logo
115 Richard Osborne
116 Jeremy Guard
117 Paul Roos
118 Jim Wynd
119 Alastair Lynch
120 Paul Broderick
121 Peter Caven
122 Jason Baldwin
123 Brett Stephens
124 Paul Abbott
125 Marcus Seecamp
126 Logo
127 Paul Salmon
128 Gavin Wanganeen
129 Mark Harvey
130 Anthony Daniher
131 Chris Daniher
132 Darren Bewick
133 Derek Kickett
134 Gary O’Donnell
135 Michael Long
136 Kieran Sporn
137 Peter Somerville
138 Mark Thompson
139 Logo
140 Damian Monkhorst
141 Tony Francis
142 Tony Shaw
143 Michael Gayfer
144 Gary Pert
145 Scott Russell
146 Michael McGuane
147 Peter Daicos
148 Mark Fraser
149 Craig Kelly
150 Gavin Brown
151 Jason McCartney
152 Logo
153 Greg Williams
154 Stephen Kernahan
155 Stephen Silvagni
156 Jon Dorotich
157 Brett Ratten
158 Earl Spalding
159 Adrian Gleeson
160 Mil Hanna
161 Fraser Brown
162 Craig Bradley
163 Tom Alvin
164 Justin Madden
165 Logo
166 Matthew Kennedy
167 John Gastev
168 Richard Champion
169 John Hutton
170 Troy Clarke
171 Martin Leslie
172 Roger Merrett
173 Danny Noonan
174 Darryl White
175 David Bain
176 Logo
177 Andrew Jarman
178 Rodney Jameson
179 Chris Mcdermott
180 Nigel Smart RC
181 Tony McGuinness
182 Rodney Maynard
183 Mark Bickley
184 Matthew Liptak
185 Ben Hart RC
186 Shaun Rehn
187 Scott Hodges
188 Simon Tregenza
189 Checklist
190 Checklist
191 Checklist
192 Checklist


1993 select tony lockett signature

Complete Set (4)
Common Card (1-192)

30 Tony Lockett
34 Stewart Loewe
83 Jason Dunstall
154 Stephen Kernahan








What the columns mean

In each section of the price guide there is a HI and LO column. These represent the selling ranges of the listed cards and sets. The do not correspond to different conditions of the cards, nor do they represent buy and sell prices. The HI colum represents full retail prices, which is the cards full value. Popular cards generally sell for this amount of sometimes even higher. The LO column represents the price you may be able to get the card for at a reduced level. This is influenced by a number of factors including regional variation, sales, player unpopularity and other factors. The HI column is usually the price quoted by a dealer as the full value of a particular card or set. The newer the card, the more available it tends to be, and the more likely it may be discounted.

Card Condition

Grading of cards is subjective. Collectors differ on the strictness and importance of quality. The following condition guide is to minimise subjectivity.

  • Pristine
  • Mint
  • Near Mint
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Cards from 2000 onwards should be in mint condition in order to be valued as the listed price.
Cards from the 1990’s should be in near mint condition (1990’s cards in mint condition are valued 125-150% of the listed price).
Cards from the 1950-80’s should be in excellent condition (1950-80’s cards in near mint are valued at 150% of the listed price and in mint condition 200% of the listed price).
Cards from pre-1950 should be in very good condition (pre-1950 cards in excellent condition are valued at 125-150% of the listed price, in near mint condition are valued at 200% of the listed price and in mint condition 300%.
Condition below these will reduce the value accordingly.

Numbered cards

Some limited release cards are individually numbered. Cards numbered 001 and the jumper number of the player are considered more valuable. For lower end cards, this can add 300-500% to the price. For higher end cards, this can add 150-200% to the price.

Other lower numbered cards (ie. 004, 005) are also considered to be more valuable. While they don’t hold as much weight as 001 or jumper number, lower numbered cards can add 200-300% for lower end cards and 150% to higher end cards. Anything in single digits may be considered a low number. 11/60 would not necessarily attract a higher price based on its numbering.

RC – Rookie Card definition

A players rookie card (RC) is the first appearance on a regular issue card from one of the major companies (Kornies, Scanlens, Stimorol, Regina, Select). A RC is not a subset or insert card, but the first standard release card of that player by a mainstream company.

How do we price cards and sets?

Our team performs extensive research when curating our price guide and updating the lists. Prices are influenced by online sales on eBay and eBid, sales at auction houses and trading card and collectable stores. We also include factors such as player popularity and performance, age and scarcity.

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