2002 Select Exclusive

2002 Select Exclusive Football Cards

Collection: 220 cards, 22 All Australian Team cards (1:9 packs), 5 Medal Cards (1:36 packs), 16 Premiership Predictors (1:36 packs), 16 Draft Pick Signatures (1:36 packs), 5 Brownlow Contenders (1:36 packs), 5 Tribute/Legend cards (1:72 packs), 1 Tony Lockett Second Coming card (1:324 packs), 5 Medal Signatures (1:648 packs), 1 Legend Signature (1:1296 packs), 3 Case cards (1:432 packs)

9 cards per pack
36 packs per box
9,000 boxes produced

The 2002 Select Exclusive release was the first of two for the year. Known as the Silver set, it was almost identical to the Exclusive SPX release which followed later in the year, which had gold foil on the cards instead, and an SPX logo. The silver release was aimed at all collectors and a greater quantity was produced, making the gold SPX cards more valuable. The release featured potentially the best quality draft in AFL history, with signature cards of players such as Luke Hodge, Chris Judd, James Bartel, Nick Dal Santo and Luke Ball. A Tony Lockett ‘Second Coming’ card paid tribute to the legendary full forward, and was only available in this first release. Autographed Medal Cards were also exclusive to Exclusive, and limited to 100 cards each.

2002 select exclusive afl box



2002 select exclusive jude bolton

Complete Set (220)
Common Card (1-220)

1 Intro Card
2 Checklist
3 Brisbane Logo
4 Michael Voss
5 Simon Black
6 Jason Akermanis
7 Jonathan Brown
8 Nigel Lappin
9 Justin Leppitsch
10 Chris Scott
11 Luke Power
12 Chris Johnson
13 Darryl White
14 Robert Copeland
15 Alastair Lynch
16 Shaun Hart
17 Essendon Logo
18 James Hird
19 Jason Johnson
20 Matthew Lloyd
21 Mark Mercuri
22 Dean Solomon
23 Blake Caracella
24 Dustin Fletcher
25 Chris Heffernan
26 Mark Johnson
27 Joe Misiti
28 Adam Ramanauskas
29 Dean Rioli
30 Sean Wellman
31 Port Adelaide Logo
32 Matthew Primus
33 Warren Tredrea
34 Gavin Wanganeen
35 Nick Stevens
36 Stuart Dew RC
37 Chad Cornes
38 Peter Burgoyne
39 Josh Carr RC
40 Josh Francou
41 Brett Montgomery
42 Stephen Paxman
43 Damien Hardwick
44 Che Cockatoo-Collins
45 Richmond Logo
46 Wayne Campbell
47 Darren Gaspar
48 Matthew Richardson
49 Brad Ottens
50 Duncan Kellaway
51 Joel Bowden
52 Greg Tivendale RC
53 Rory Hilton RC
54 Matthew Knights
55 Greg Stafford
56 Ben Holland
57 Mark Chaffey
58 Leon Cameron
59 Carlton Logo
60 Brett Ratten
61 Anthony Koutoufides
62 Lance Whitnall
63 Scott Camporeale
64 Craig Bradley
65 Andrew McKay
66 Ryan Houlihan
67 Corey McKernan
68 Adrian Hickmott
69 Matthew Lappin
70 Darren Hulme RC
71 Simon Beaumont
72 Anthony Franchina RC
73 Hawthorn Logo
74 Shane Crawford
75 Joel Smith
76 Daniel Chick
77 Jonathan Hay
78 Nathan Thompson
79 John Barker
80 Jade Rawlings
81 Nick Holland
82 Ben Dixon
83 Angelo Lekkas
84 Shaun Rehn
85 Rayden Tallis
86 Daniel Harford
87 Sydney Logo
88 Paul Kelly
89 Paul Williams
90 Michael O’Loughlin
91 Adam Goodes
92 Jason Ball
93 Jason Saddington
94 Daryn Cresswell
95 Barry Hall
96 Ben Mathews
97 Wayne Schwass
98 Stuart Maxfield
99 Matthew Nicks
100 Jude Bolton RC
101 Adelaide Logo
102 Mark Ricciuto
103 Andrew McLeod
104 Simon Goodwin
105 Ben Hart
106 Mark Bickley
107 Nigel Smart
108 Tyson Stenglein
109 Scott Welsh
110 Brett Burton
111 Mark Stevens
112 Kris Massie RC
113 Tyson Edwards
114 Kane Johnson
115 Collingwood Logo
116 Nathan Buckley
117 Jarrod Molloy
118 Josh Fraser
119 Chris Tarrant
120 Nick Davis
121 Ryan Lonie
122 Shane O’Bree
123 Brodie Holland
124 James Clement
125 Paul Licuria
126 Anthony Rocca
127 Tarkyn Lockyer
128 Leon Davis RC
129 Western Bulldogs Logo
130 Chris Grant
131 Luke Darcy
132 Nathan Brown
133 Scott West
134 Brad Johnson
135 Robert Murphy RC
136 Daniel Giansiracusa RC
137 Kingsley Hunter
138 Daniel Bandy
139 Rohan Smith
140 Luke Penny
141 Matthew Robbins
142 Ben Harrison
143 Melbourne Logo
144 David Neitz
145 Adem Yze
146 Brad Green
147 Andrew Leoncelli
148 Shane Woewodin
149 Jeff White
150 Peter Walsh
151 Peter Vardy
152 Daniel Ward
153 David Schwarz
154 Clint Bizzell
155 Russell Robertson
156 Geelong Logo
157 Ben Graham
158 Brenton Sanderson
159 Steven King
160 Peter Riccardi
161 Ronnie Burns
162 Matthew Scarlett RC
163 Corey Enright RC
164 Darren Milburn
165 David Clarke
166 Tom Harley
167 Brad Sholl
168 Mitchell White
169 North Melbourne Logo
170 Wayne Carey
171 Shannon Grant
172 Anthony Stevens
173 Brent Harvey
174 David King
175 Byron Pickett
176 Adam Simpson
177 Mark Porter RC
178 Glenn Archer
179 Saverio Rocca
180 Jess Sinclair RC
181 Leigh Colbert
182 West Coast Logo
183 Ben Cousins
184 Michael Gardiner
185 Glen Jakovich
186 Peter Matera
187 David Wirrpanda
188 Daniel Kerr
189 Michael Collica
190 Mark Merenda
191 Phillip Matera
192 Chad Fletcher
193 Michael Braun
194 Rowan Jones
195 St Kilda Logo
196 Robert Harvey
197 Peter Everitt
198 Aaron Hamill
199 Fraser Gehrig
200 Justin Koschitzke
201 Nick Riewoldt RC
202 Andrew Thompson
203 Nathan Burke
204 Heath Black
205 Max Hudghton
206 James Begley RC
207 Craig Callaghan
208 Fremantle Logo
209 Peter Bell
210 Matthew Pavlich
211 Leigh Brown
212 Paul Hasleby
213 Justin Longmuir
214 Trent Croad
215 Adam McPhee RC
216 Jeff Farmer
217 Matthew Carr RC
218 Troy Cook
219 Shane Parker
220 Clive Waterhouse


2002 select exclusive all australian ben cousins

Complete Set (22)
Common Card (AA1-AA22)
Odds 1:9 packs

AA1 Gavin Wanganeen
AA2 Jonathan Hay
AA3 Darren Gaspar
AA4 Andrew McKay
AA5 Sean Wellman
AA6 Joel Smith
AA7 Nathan Buckley
AA8 Brett Ratten
AA9 Jason Akermanis
AA10 Michael Voss
AA11 Warren Tredrea
AA12 James Hird
AA13 Brad Ottens
AA14 Matthew Lloyd
AA15 Ben Cousins
AA16 Matthew Primus
AA17 Simon Black
AA18 Andrew McLeod
AA19 Jason Johnson
AA20 Nigel Lappin
AA21 Simon Goodwin
AA22 Nathan Brown


2002 select spx medal card andrew mcleod

Complete Set (5)
Common Card (MC1-MC5)
Odds 1:36 packs

MC1 Jason Akermanis
MC2 Matthew Lloyd
MC3 Shaun Hart
MC4 Justin Koschitzke
MC5 Andrew McLeod


2002 select exclusive premiership predictor

Complete Set (16)
Common Card (PC1-PC16)
Odds 1:36 packs

PC1 Adelaide Crows
PC2 Brisbane Lions
PC3 Carlton Blues
PC4 Collingwood Magpies
PC5 Essendon Bombers
PC6 Fremantle Dockers
PC7 Geelong Cats
PC8 Hawthorn Hawks
PC9 Melbourne Demons
PC10 North Melbourne Kangaroos
PC11 Port Adelaide Power
PC12 Richmond Tigers
PC13 St Kilda Saints
PC14 Sydney Swans
PC15 West Coast Eagles
PC16 Western Bulldogs


2002 select exclusive draft pick signature luke hodge

Complete Set (16)
Common Card (DS1-DS16)
Odds 1:36 packs
Limited to 650 cards each

DS1 Luke Hodge
DS2 Luke Ball
DS3 Chris Judd
DS4 Graham Polak
DS5 Xavier Clarke
DS6 Ashley Sampi
DS7 David Hale
DS8 James Bartel
DS9 Luke Molan
DS10 Sam Power
DS11 Richard Cole
DS12 Brent Reilly
DS13 Nick Dal Santo
DS14 Ashley Watson
DS15 Barry Brooks
DS16 Rick Ladson


2002 select exclusive tribute stephen silvagni

Complete Set (4)
Common Card (TC1-TC4)
Odds 1:72 packs

TC1 Royce Hart
TC2 Darrel Baldock
TC3 Garry Hocking
TC4 Stephen Silvagni


2002 select exclusive legend kevin bartlett

Complete Set (1)
Common Card (LC1)
Odds 1:72 packs

LC1 Kevin Bartlett


2002 select exclusive legend signature kevin bartlett

Complete Set (1)
Common Card (LS1)
Via redemption of LSR1
Odds 1:1296
Limited to 250 cards

LS1 Kevin Bartlett


2002 select exclusive medal signature andrew mcleod

Complete Set (5)
Common Card (MCS1-MCS5)
Odds 1:648 packs
Limited to 100 cards each

MCS1 Jason Akermanis
MCS2 Matthew Lloyd
MCS3 Shaun Hart
MCS4 Justin Koschitzke
MCS5 Andrew McLeod


2002 select exclusive tribute tony lockett

Complete Set (1)
Common Card (TL1)
Odds 1:324 packs

TL1 Tony Lockett


2002 select exclusive brownlow contenders brent harvey

Complete Set (5)
Common Card (BC7-BC11)
Odds 1:36 packs

BC7 Andrew McLeod
BC8 Michael Voss
BC9 Ben Cousins
BC10 Brent Harvey
BC11 Jason Johnson


2002 select exclusive 300 games stewart loewe

Complete Set (3)
Common Card (CC5-CC7)
Odds 1 per case
Limited to 250 cards each

CC5 Stephen Silvagni
CC6 Nathan Burke
CC7 Stewart Loewe








What the columns mean

In each section of the price guide there is a HI and LO column. These represent the selling ranges of the listed cards and sets. The do not correspond to different conditions of the cards, nor do they represent buy and sell prices. The HI colum represents full retail prices, which is the cards full value. Popular cards generally sell for this amount of sometimes even higher. The LO column represents the price you may be able to get the card for at a reduced level. This is influenced by a number of factors including regional variation, sales, player unpopularity and other factors. The HI column is usually the price quoted by a dealer as the full value of a particular card or set. The newer the card, the more available it tends to be, and the more likely it may be discounted.

Card Condition

Grading of cards is subjective. Collectors differ on the strictness and importance of quality. The following condition guide is to minimise subjectivity.

  • Pristine
  • Mint
  • Near Mint
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Cards from 2000 onwards should be in mint condition in order to be valued as the listed price.
Cards from the 1990’s should be in near mint condition (1990’s cards in mint condition are valued 125-150% of the listed price).
Cards from the 1950-80’s should be in excellent condition (1950-80’s cards in near mint are valued at 150% of the listed price and in mint condition 200% of the listed price).
Cards from pre-1950 should be in very good condition (pre-1950 cards in excellent condition are valued at 125-150% of the listed price, in near mint condition are valued at 200% of the listed price and in mint condition 300%.
Condition below these will reduce the value accordingly.

Numbered cards

Some limited release cards are individually numbered. Cards numbered 001 and the jumper number of the player are considered more valuable. For lower end cards, this can add 300-500% to the price. For higher end cards, this can add 150-200% to the price.

Other lower numbered cards (ie. 004, 005) are also considered to be more valuable. While they don’t hold as much weight as 001 or jumper number, lower numbered cards can add 200-300% for lower end cards and 150% to higher end cards. Anything in single digits may be considered a low number. 11/60 would not necessarily attract a higher price based on its numbering.

RC – Rookie Card definition

A players rookie card (RC) is the first appearance on a regular issue card from one of the major companies (Kornies, Scanlens, Stimorol, Regina, Select). A RC is not a subset or insert card, but the first standard release card of that player by a mainstream company.

How do we price cards and sets?

Our team performs extensive research when curating our price guide and updating the lists. Prices are influenced by online sales on eBay and eBid, sales at auction houses and trading card and collectable stores. We also include factors such as player popularity and performance, age and scarcity.

This is only a guide

Footy Card Guide lists prices of Aussie Rules football cards which are to be used only as a guide. They do not represent fixed prices or an offer to buy or sell on behalf of our staff or anyone else. We do not take responsibility for any purchases or sales made by any third party based on information they have obtained in our guide.