Select Gem 2023

Select Gem 2023 Football Cards

Collection: 162 base cards, 72 Gem Sapphire cards, 36 Gem Emerald cards, 18 Gem Ruby cards, 18 Gem Diamond Signature cards

Select have come out with a new concept for their second release of 2023. Select Gem is a high end production, with 180 point cards and 3D foiling. Even more uniquely (and an Australian first for the local card industry), all inserts inlaid with natural zircon gemstones. There are various parallel sets, however each of the 9 players from the 18 teams only appears once in the base set, and again in one of the parallel sets (apart from 1 player in each team who just gets a base). Bombers fans will be sad to note their cult hero Sam Draper only gets a base card.

2023 select gem logo



2023 select gem base card

Complete Set (162)
Base Card (G1-G162)

G1 Jordan Dawson
G2 Tom Doedee
G3 Darcy Fogarty
G4 Ben Keays
G5 Josh Rachele
G6 Lachlan Sholl
G7 Rory Sloane
G8 Brodie Smith
G9 Taylor Walker
G10 Harris Andrews
G11 Will Ashcroft
G12 Zac Bailey
G13 Joe Daniher
G14 Jack Gunston
G15 Hugh Mccluggage
G16 Lachie Neale
G17 Cam Rayner
G18 Daniel Rich
G19 Adam Cerra
G20 Patrick Cripps
G21 Charlie Curnow
G22 Tom De Koning
G23 George Hewett
G24 Oliver Hollands
G25 Mitch Mcgovern
G26 Harry Mckay
G27 Sam Walsh
G28 Nick Daicos
G29 Jordan De Goey
G30 Jamie Elliott
G31 Jack Ginnivan
G32 Brayden Maynard
G33 Brody Mihocek
G34 Tom Mitchell
G35 Darcy Moore
G36 Scott Pendlebury
G37 Sam Draper
G38 Dyson Heppell
G39 Kyle Langford
G40 Anthony Mcdonald-Tipungwuti
G41 Andrew Mcgrath
G42 Zach Merrett
G43 Darcy Parish
G44 Archie Perkins
G45 Will Setterfield
G46 Andrew Brayshaw
G47 Jordan Clark
G48 Brennan Cox
G49 Nat Fyfe
G50 Alex Pearce
G51 Lachie Schultz
G52 Caleb Serong
G53 Michael Walters
G54 Hayden Young
G55 Tom Atkins
G56 Jeremy Cameron
G57 Patrick Dangerfield
G58 Cameron Guthrie
G59 Zach Guthrie
G60 Tom Hawkins
G61 Isaac Smith
G62 Tom Stewart
G63 Zach Tuohy
G64 Lachie Ash
G65 Finn Callaghan
G66 Stephen Coniglio
G67 Isaac Cumming
G68 Tom Green
G69 Toby Greene
G70 Nick Haynes
G71 Josh Kelly
G72 Sam Taylor
G73 Ben Ainsworth
G74 Noah Anderson
G75 Mabior Chol
G76 Elijah Hollands
G77 Ben King
G78 Jack Lukosius
G79 Touk Miller
G80 Matt Rowell
G81 David Swallow
G82 Luke Breust
G83 Will Day
G84 Jarman Impey
G85 Changkuoth Jiath
G86 Connor Macdonald
G87 Dylan Moore
G88 Jai Newcombe
G89 James Sicily
G90 Josh Ward
G91 Bayley Fritsch
G92 Brodie Grundy
G93 Lachie Hunter
G94 Ed Langdon
G95 Jake Lever
G96 Alex Neal-Bullen
G97 Clayton Oliver
G98 Christian Petracca
G99 Kysaiah Pickett
G100 Luke Davies-Uniacke
G101 Hugh Greenwood
G102 Griffin Logue
G103 Luke Mcdonald
G104 Harry Sheezel
G105 Liam Shiels
G106 Jy Simpkin
G107 Curtis Taylor
G108 Jack Ziebell
G109 Aliir Aliir
G110 Travis Boak
G111 Mitch Georgiades
G112 Jason Horne-Francis
G113 Dan Houston
G114 Todd Marshall
G115 Junior Rioli
G116 Connor Rozee
G117 Ollie Wines
G118 Noah Balta
G119 Shai Bolton
G120 Trent Cotchin
G121 Jacob Hopper
G122 Tom Lynch
G123 Dustin Martin
G124 Kamdyn Mcintosh
G125 Marlion Pickett
G126 Jack Riewoldt
G127 Jack Bytel
G128 Hunter Clark
G129 Jade Gresham
G130 Max King
G131 Mitch Owens
G132 Jack Steele
G133 Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera
G134 Jimmy Webster
G135 Mason Wood
G136 Lance Franklin
G137 Errol Gulden
G138 Will Hayward
G139 Isaac Heeney
G140 Paddy Mccartin
G141 Tom Mccartin
G142 Callum Mills
G143 Luke Parker
G144 Chad Warner
G145 Jamie Cripps
G146 Jack Darling
G147 Shannon Hurn
G148 Tim Kelly
G149 Jeremy Mcgovern
G150 Nic Naitanui
G151 Liam Ryan
G152 Dom Sheed
G153 Jake Waterman
G154 Marcus Bontempelli
G155 Bailey Dale
G156 Liam Jones
G157 Tom Liberatore
G158 Rory Lobb
G159 Aaron Naughton
G160 Bailey Smith
G161 Jamarra Ugle-Hagan
G162 Cody Weightman


2023 select gem sapphire

Complete Set (72)
Base Card (GS1-GS72)
Limited to 70 cards each

GS1 Rory Laird
GS2 Reilly O’Brien
GS3 Rory Sloane
GS4 Taylor Walker
GS5 Jarrod Berry
GS6 Charlie Cameron
GS7 Josh Dunkley
GS8 Eric Hipwood
GS9 Sam Docherty
GS10 Jesse Motlop
GS11 Adam Saad
GS12 Jacob Weitering
GS13 Taylor Adams
GS14 Josh Daicos
GS15 Darcy Moore
GS16 Steele Sidebottom
GS17 Kyle Langford
GS18 Mason Redman
GS19 Jake Stringer
GS20 Peter Wright
GS21 Will Brodie
GS22 Sean Darcy
GS23 Alex Pearce
GS24 Luke Ryan
GS25 Mark Blicavs
GS26 Mitch Duncan
GS27 Tyson Stengle
GS28 Tom Stewart
GS29 Stephen Coniglio
GS30 Harry Himmelberg
GS31 Jesse Hogan
GS32 Callan Ward
GS33 Levi Casboult
GS34 Brandon Ellis
GS35 Lachie Weller
GS36 Jarrod Witts
GS37 Karl Amon
GS38 Changkuoth Jiath
GS39 Chad Wingard
GS40 James Worpel
GS41 Angus Brayshaw
GS42 Steven May
GS43 Clayton Oliver
GS44 Jack Viney
GS45 Ben Cunnington
GS46 Luke Mcdonald
GS47 Ben Mckay
GS48 Cameron Zurhaar
GS49 Travis Boak
GS50 Zak Butters
GS51 Tom Jonas
GS52 Sam Powell-Pepper
GS53 Liam Baker
GS54 Dion Prestia
GS55 Jayden Short
GS56 Tim Taranto
GS57 Jade Gresham
GS58 Bradley Hill
GS59 Rowan Marshall
GS60 Mattaes Phillipou
GS61 Nick Blakey
GS62 Callum Mills
GS63 Dane Rampe
GS64 James Rowbottom
GS65 Tom Barrass
GS66 Jack Darling
GS67 Andrew Gaff
GS68 Jeremy Mcgovern
GS69 Tim English
GS70 Jack Macrae
GS71 Adam Treloar
GS72 Jamarra Ugle-Hagan


2023 select gem sapphire

Complete Set (36)
Base Card (GE1-GE36)
Limited to 55 cards each

GE1 Darcy Fogarty
GE2 Izak Rankine
GE3 Will Ashcroft
GE4 Joe Daniher
GE5 Charlie Curnow
GE6 Harry Mckay
GE7 Jack Crisp
GE8 Jordan De Goey
GE9 Nic Martin
GE10 Archie Perkins
GE11 Luke Jackson
GE12 Caleb Serong
GE13 Patrick Dangerfield
GE14 Tom Hawkins
GE15 Josh Kelly
GE16 Lachie Whitfield
GE17 Noah Anderson
GE18 Matt Rowell
GE19 Luke Breust
GE20 Dylan Moore
GE21 Brodie Grundy
GE22 Kysaiah Pickett
GE23 Nick Larkey
GE24 Harry Sheezel
GE25 Charlie Dixon
GE26 Ollie Wines
GE27 Trent Cotchin
GE28 Tom Lynch
GE29 Jack Sinclair
GE30 Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera
GE31 Tom Papley
GE32 Luke Parker
GE33 Nic Naitanui
GE34 Liam Ryan
GE35 Sam Darcy
GE36 Bailey Smith


2023 select gem ruby

Complete Set (18)
Base Card (GR1-GR18)
Limited to 40 cards each

GR1 Jordan Dawson
GR2 Lachie Neale
GR3 Patrick Cripps
GR4 Scott Pendlebury
GR5 Zach Merrett
GR6 Nat Fyfe
GR7 Jeremy Cameron
GR8 Toby Greene
GR9 Touk Miller
GR10 James Sicily
GR11 Max Gawn
GR12 Jy Simpkin
GR13 Jason Horne-Francis
GR14 Dustin Martin
GR15 Jack Steele
GR16 Lance Franklin
GR17 Luke Shuey
GR18 Marcus Bontempelli


2023 select gem ruby

Complete Set (18)
Base Card (GDS1-GDS18)
Limited to 35 cards each
Via redemption of GDSR cards

GDS1 Josh Rachele
GDS2 Hugh Mccluggage
GDS3 Sam Walsh
GDS4 Nick Daicos
GDS5 Darcy Parish
GDS6 Andrew Brayshaw
GDS7 Sam De Koning
GDS8 Tom Green
GDS9 Ben King
GDS10 Will Day
GDS11 Christian Petracca
GDS12 Luke Davies-Uniacke
GDS13 Connor Rozee
GDS14 Shai Bolton
GDS15 Max King
GDS16 Chad Warner
GDS17 Oscar Allen
GDS18 Aaron Naughton








What the columns mean

In each section of the price guide there is a HI and LO column. These represent the selling ranges of the listed cards and sets. The do not correspond to different conditions of the cards, nor do they represent buy and sell prices. The HI colum represents full retail prices, which is the cards full value. Popular cards generally sell for this amount of sometimes even higher. The LO column represents the price you may be able to get the card for at a reduced level. This is influenced by a number of factors including regional variation, sales, player unpopularity and other factors. The HI column is usually the price quoted by a dealer as the full value of a particular card or set. The newer the card, the more available it tends to be, and the more likely it may be discounted.

Card Condition

Grading of cards is subjective. Collectors differ on the strictness and importance of quality. The following condition guide is to minimise subjectivity.

  • Pristine
  • Mint
  • Near Mint
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Cards from 2000 onwards should be in mint condition in order to be valued as the listed price.
Cards from the 1990’s should be in near mint condition (1990’s cards in mint condition are valued 125-150% of the listed price).
Cards from the 1950-80’s should be in excellent condition (1950-80’s cards in near mint are valued at 150% of the listed price and in mint condition 200% of the listed price).
Cards from pre-1950 should be in very good condition (pre-1950 cards in excellent condition are valued at 125-150% of the listed price, in near mint condition are valued at 200% of the listed price and in mint condition 300%.
Condition below these will reduce the value accordingly.

Numbered cards

Some limited release cards are individually numbered. Cards numbered 001 and the jumper number of the player are considered more valuable. For lower end cards, this can add 300-500% to the price. For higher end cards, this can add 150-200% to the price.

Other lower numbered cards (ie. 004, 005) are also considered to be more valuable. While they don’t hold as much weight as 001 or jumper number, lower numbered cards can add 200-300% for lower end cards and 150% to higher end cards. Anything in single digits may be considered a low number. 11/60 would not necessarily attract a higher price based on its numbering.

RC – Rookie Card definition

A players rookie card (RC) is the first appearance on a regular issue card from one of the major companies (Kornies, Scanlens, Stimorol, Regina, Select). A RC is not a subset or insert card, but the first standard release card of that player by a mainstream company.

How do we price cards and sets?

Our team performs extensive research when curating our price guide and updating the lists. Prices are influenced by online sales on eBay and eBid, sales at auction houses and trading card and collectable stores. We also include factors such as player popularity and performance, age and scarcity.

This is only a guide

Footy Card Guide lists prices of Aussie Rules football cards which are to be used only as a guide. They do not represent fixed prices or an offer to buy or sell on behalf of our staff or anyone else. We do not take responsibility for any purchases or sales made by any third party based on information they have obtained in our guide.