Compiling a list of the top 100 footy cards of the 20th century is no easy task, as there have been so many amazing sets and fantastic cards released during that time. A “best of” list is always going to spark debate as everyone has their own idea of what should be important and why.

We have spent many long hours researching and engaging with collectors, to come up with a list that we think ticks all the boxes.

The criteria we based selection on was:

  • Player appeal
  • Card/set scarcity
  • Iconic significance
  • Worth/value

As with all lists, plenty of fantastic cards missed out, and could definitely argue a legitimate spot. But we only had 100 allocations, and here are the cards we came up with. Enjoy!!

Number 100

1964 Scanlens Ted Whitten

1964 Scanlens Ted Whitten

It’s only fitting to start this list off with Mr Football himself, the great EJ Whitten. Teddy lived and breathed Aussie Rules and is truly one of the great icons of the game. He has a number of fantastic cards (some which will feature later in the list) but his 1964 Scanlens release is an underrated card that can still be picked up for a considerable amount less than his ’63 variation.

Number 99

1959 Kornies Bob Skilton

1959 kornies bob skilton

The phrase Triple Brownlow Medalist isn’t something you hear very often in AFL circles. That’s because it’s only been done by 4 players in the history of the game. Bob Skilton was one of these 4, as well as winning 9 Club Best & Fairest’s for South Melbourne. So it’s no surprise that the Swans B&F award is named the Bob Skilton Medal. His 1959 Kornies card is one of his nicest cards. Known as the Scoreboard set – because every card has a backdrop of the stands and scoreboard – it is a highly desirable and quite scare release. The cards were also printed on quite thin material so creasing was common. If you come across one with minimal damage, you’re doing very well.

Number 98

1971 Sunicrust Bernie Quinlan

1971 Sunicrust Bernie Quinlan

“Superboot” was one of the most exciting forwards in the 70s and 80s. Playing 366 games across Footscray and Fitzroy, Quinlan amassed 817 goals (average over 3 per game while at the Lions). His 1971 Sunicrust rookie card is an exciting collectable. Despite the back of the card saying “this card has a protective coating”, we rarely come across these cards without creases or other blemishes!

Number 97

1996 Select Series 1 James Hird Signature

1996 select s1 signature james hird

James Hird burst onto the AFL scene in the 1990’s and the golden haired boy was an instant favourite with the Bombers. His 1996 Select Signature was one of 4 redemption cards in the series 1 release, each limited to 500. It holds particular interest with collectors being his first ever autographed card. Hird on the Brownlow in that year, and made 1 of his 5 All Australian teams. Captain of Essendon for 7 years, his career highlight was being at the helm in the 2000 Premiership, their last flag. All Hird signature cards are hot property these days, but his first one will always hold added significance.

Number 96

1975 Yoo-Hoo Alex Jesaulenko

1975 Yoo-Hoo Alex Jesaulenko

This postcard-sized card was brought out in the mid-70s to promote Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk. There was just a single card for the marketing, and during that period, there weren’t many players better than Alex Jesaulenko. The card has a fascimile autograph of Jezza and with a scarcity rating of 7, is a unique and exciting card for collectors.

Number 95

1908-09 Sniders & Abrahams Dick Grigg

1908-09 Sniders and Abrahams Dick Grigg

Dick Grigg was one of the best players in the early part of the 20th century, wining the Cats Best and Fairest on 4 occasions. He was not only super quick and a great mark but showed immense durability, playing 130 consecutive games across a 10 year span. Named in the Cat’s Team of the Century and now a Legend in the clubs’ Hall of Fame, his 1908-09 Sniders & Abrahams rookie card is a release that all Geelong collectors should have in their collections.

Number 94

1981 Kelloggs Phil Krakouer

1981 Kelloggs Phil Krakouer

In the 1970, Kelloggs tried their hand in the hobby, producing footy cards that could be cut out of the back of cereal packs. A decade later, they produced actual cards that were found inside packs. One of these was the first card of Phil Krakouer, who would go on to be a star at North Melbourne, and become one of the best indigenous players the game has ever seen. He had freakish skills and passing ability but also led the Kangaroos goal kicking 3 times. His 1981 Kelloggs rookie card features Krakouer in a Claremont uniform, where he played 4 seasons in the WAFL.

Number 93

1964 Harper’s Easi Oats John Nicholls

1964 Harper's Easi Oats John Nicholls copy

John Nicholls 1964 Scanlens rookie card is on the radar of many collectors and attracts hundreds of dollars when up for sale. But his Harper’s Easi Oats card demands a lot less attention – probably because hardly anyone knows about it! With a scarcity rating of 8, they are just as hard to come across as the 1963 Scanlens Holy Grail set, making any card in the release super valuable. But since Nicholl’s card is also a rookie, it demands even more of a premium. Nicholls was the first Carlton player to reach 300 games, and is considered by many the greatest Blue ever!

Number 92

1994 Dynamic Sensation Jason Dunstall Glacier Acetate Signature

1994 dynamic sensation signature jason dunstall

In the 1990’s when we saw the first sports cards boom, signatures were all the rage. And there weren’t many nicer than the 1994 Dynamic Sensation Glacier Acetate Signatures. Limited to 500 each, they were essentially “see through” so you could look at the sig from both sides of the card. 1994 was the year Dunstall kicked 101 goals, one of 6 times he reached the tonne, on the way to over 1200! As with many autographed cards in the 1990s, the ink had a tendency to smudge or fade, so if you can pick one up with a clear signature, do it!!

Number 91

1932 Hoadleys Gordon Coventry

Debateably the best player in the first half of the century, Gordon Coventry was a true superstar. Dominating up forward, victorious most of the time, and always incredibly humble. In his debut game, Coventry managed only a single kick (which resulted in a goal) and was dropped from the Collingwood seniors. He finally pushed his way back in on the last game of the season, kicking 4 majors. He then went on to kick another 9 goals in the 3 finals games that year. We don’t need to tell you how things panned out after that! His 1932 Hoadleys “Nutty Bar” card is very elusive and one that vintage Pies collectors swoop on when given the chance.

Number 90

1998 Select Signature Series Stephen Kernahan Tribute Signature

1998 select tribute signature stephen kernahan

In the 1990s, a card limited to 500 was considered scarce. So cards limited to just 100 copies were as rare as hens teeth – which I don’t think was a phrase used by anyone under 60 at that time. Select only had 1 release in 1998 and the biggest chase card in the set was the Stephen Kernahan Tribute Signature. “Sticks” played over 250 games for Carlton, captaining the side to a premiership and winning 3 All Australian selections. He was an inspirational leader and this signature card is one of his best.

Number 89

1969 Scanlens Ted Whitten Diecut

1969 scanlens ted whitten die cut

The 1969 Scanlens release featured 18 special die cut cards or “stand up plaks” as they were called back then. These were randomly inserted into packs, and specially made so the player photo could be “popped out” of the card and it would stand up. Ted Whitten’s die cut is one of the most valuable in the set, especially if it’s unpopped with 4 nice corners.

Number 88

1926 Craig & Hales Ivor Warne-Smith

1926 Craig and Hales Ivor Warne-Smith

In 1926, Craig and Hales Confectionary released a set of cards with their products, showcasing sportsmen and racehorses. It was an interesting combination and one that sparks a lot of intrigue today. There were 30 footballers in the series, including the rookie card of Ivor Warne-Smith. For those of you who don’t know this bloke (since it was almost a century ago), Warne-Smith played for the Dees, won a flag, captained the side for 4 years, and picked up 2 Brownlow Medals along the way. Not a bad effort for a guy from Sydney via Wesley College. This iconic card may be the best Melbourne Football Club card from the first half of the 1900s.

Number 87

1953 Kornies John Kennedy

1953 kornies john kennedy

In a club loaded with so many past champions, John Kennedy was known as the spiritual leader of the Hawks. He won the Hawthorn Best and Fairest 4 times, was captain of the club for 5 years, and coached them to 3 premierships. He was tough and skilful as both a player and a coach and now has AFL Legend Status. His 1953 Kornies rookie card is one of the best cards in the set, eclipsed by possibly only the Ted Whitten rookie card.

Number 86

1949-50 Victorian Nut Supplies Jack Dyer

1949-50 Victorian Nut Supplies Jack Dyer

Scarcity 9 always makes a footy card valuable, which is why the 1949-50 Victorian Nut Supplies cards are always in high demand. The cards feature caricatures of Australian Sportsmen, drawn by Bob Mirams. 15 of the 36 cards in the set are of footballers, including this one of Jack Dyer. “Captain Blood” is one of the most iconic players ever from Richmond, and one of the first 12 players inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame as Legends. This card was brought out in his final season as a player, making it his last ever playing days card.

Number 85

1934 Macrobertsons 1/2d Footballers Bob Pratt

1934 Macrobertsons Footballers Bob Pratt

The 1934 Macrobertson’s 1/2d Footballers cards are not only a scarcity 9 but feature 216 different players, making them possibly the hardest footy card set to complete in all of the hobby. We could have featured dozens of these in the top 100 but where’s the fun in a list like this without some diversity? Bob Pratt’s Macroberton’s card has earnt a place on the top 100 though. If kicking goals is an important part of footy (which it is) then Pratt is an important part of history. He topped South Melbourne’s goalkicking in 1932 (71 goals), 1933 (109), 1934 (150), 1935 (103), 1936 (64) and 1938 (72). Three of those years he led the entire league. In one game against Essendon he kicked 15. Enough said.

Number 84

1973 Scanlens Bruce Doull

1973 scanlens bruce doull

The 1973 Scanlens set is best known for containing the Leigh Matthews rookie card, but the second most popular card in the release is without a doubt the Bruce Doull rookie card. Owning perhaps the best nickname in league history, “The Flying Doormat” played 356 games across 18 seasons for Carlton. What is perhaps the most amazing thing though is Doull never gave a single interview over that time – Gil McLachlan would have been furious! Despite being super shy, it didn’t stop the great #11 from racking up 4 B&Fs, 4 flags and a Norm Smith.

Number 83

1913-14 Sniders & Abrahams Jock McHale

1913-14 Sniders and Abrahams Jock McHale

Sniders & Abrahams brought out several sets of footy cards from 1904 through to 1914 to promote their cigarettes. The last 3 had perhaps their best designs, known as the Pennants, Stars and Shields releases. The latter is scarcity 7, and the Jock McHale card is definitely the pick of the set. Jock is the oldest Legend of the game, primarily because of his coaching efforts. Between 1912 and 1949, he coached 714 games, winning 8 premierships for Collingwood (one as player-coach). Funnily enough, he missed the finals in his first year and took 5 years to win a flag. But 4 in a row between 1927 and 1930 is something that has never been repeated. Despite his legacy relating more to coaching, any playing day cards of McHale are in high demand.

Number 82

1950 Kornies Norm Smith

1950 kornies norm smith

The name Norm Smith is synonymous with the best on ground in a grand final, but despite being a household name, you could be forgiven for thinking the man carved out his career with Fitzroy. While his rookie card (and only playing day card) features him in a Lions uniform, he only played 2 seasons with them. In fact his rookie card was released in the final year of his career (1950), despite it being his 16th season in the VFL. 14 of those were with Melbourne which is where he put together a 210-game, 546-goal playing career with the Demons. But because of minimal releases in the late 1930s and 40s because of the war, Smith didn’t appear on a piece of cardboard until 1950. Making this Kornies card extra special!

Number 81

1965 Scanlens David Parkin

1965 scanlens david parkin

David Parkin, played 211 VFL games for the Hawks between 1961 and 1974, winning a best and fairest award in 1965. That was also the year his rookie card came out, in the ’65 Scanlens release. He also captained Hawthorn for 5 years, leading them to a flag in 1971. After his playing days, Parkin became one of the all-time great coaches, winning 59% of the 518 games he coached in.

Number 80

1948 Kornies Charlie Sutton

Footy fans are familiar with the name Charlie Sutton as the person the Doggies best and fairest award is named after. But the 173-gamer is also honoured with being the first captain to lead Footscray to a premiership, in 1954. His 1948 rookie card from the iconic first Kornies set is a valuable piece of memorabilia, with Sutton often put alongside Whitten and Hawkins as one of the 3 best Bulldogs of all time.

Number 79

1981 Ardmona Series 1 WAFL Maurice Rioli

1981 Ardmona Series 1 WAFL Maurice Rioli

Maurice Rioli Senior was a legend at the Richmond football club and one of the first indigenous players to make a strong impact on the VFL. He played 6 seasons with the Tigers, winning 2 best and fairest’s and a Norm Smith medal, in their 1982 Premiership. Not surprisingly, he was named in the Indigenous Team of the Century. In 1981, Ardmona released both a VFL and WAFL set, and it is the latter where Rioli’s rookie card is found. Before crossing to the Tigers, Rioli played with South Fremantle, and featured on a footy card in his last season before moving east.

Number 78

1980 Scanlens Doug Hawkins

1980 scanlens doug hawkins

When considering the best ever Bulldog player, Doug Hawkins is the only person you could consider putting into the conversation alongside the great E.J. Perhaps one of the most naturally gifted players of his era, Hawkins played 329 games with Footscray, despite receiving offers from several teams to move. His dedication and passion for the red, white and blue only adds to his legacy, and his 1980 Scanlens rookie card is a must for any vintage collector.

Number 77

1999 Select Premiere Jason Dunstall Tribute Signature

1999 select premiere tribute signature jason dunstall

Back in the 90’s, footy card releases weren’t loaded with hundreds of numbered cards. Outside of DPS, 1999 Select Premiere only had 3 signature cards. One of these was the Jason Dunstall Tribute Signature, limited to 100 copies and found just once in every 3240 packs. Dunstall is one of the greatest spearheads of all time and this is one of his nicest autos you will come across.

Number 76

1948 Kornies Lou Richards

1948 kornies lou richards

Lou the Lip played 250 games for his beloved Collingwood in the 1950’s. He was well known in the 70s to 90s as a loveable media icon, and even put his “Kiss of Death” on teams with his weekly footy tips. His rookie card from the first Kornies set back in 1948 has gained a lot of attention in recent years, something Lou himself would have loved! Be sure that you’re holding the ’48 rookie and not his ’49 second year card, as the fronts are exactly the same. The way to tell the difference is the rookie card is 1 of 64, the other has 128 cards in the set.

Number 75

1997 Futera Nathan Buckley

1997 Futera Nathan Buckley card

When Futera put together a proposal to the AFL to get a footy card license, they generated a sample set with 2 players from each team. Each card was limited to 50 and after the bid was unsuccessful, some of the cards made their way into the hands of collectors. This rare early card of Nathan Buckley seldom comes up for sale and when it does, it ends up in another collection very fast!

Number 74

1948 Kornies Bill Hutchison

The Bombers had 3 greats in the middle of the 20th century and Bill Hutchison was definitely one of them. “Hutchy” was an amazing rover, playing 290 VFL games, all for Essendon. He won 2 flags, 7 best and fairest awards and 2 Brownlow Medals. Often overshadowed by icons Dick Reynolds and John Coleman, those who saw him play rated him just as high as those 2 legends. His 1948 Kornies rookie card is highly underrated.

Number 73

1994 Cazaly Classics Tony Modra Signature

1994 Cazaly Classics Tony Modra Signature

One of 9 signature cards in Cazaly Classics, the Tony Modra card is the most popular for many collectors. It is a rookie year signature of one of the Adelaide Crows greatest forwards ever, and a good looking bloke, to boot! As they looked identical to the common cards, the way to tell the difference between a hand-signed common and an authorised pack sig is the surface. The common cards had a glossy finish but the actual signature cards from the set had a matt finish.

Number 72

1904 Sniders & Abrahams Charles Pannam

1904 Sniders Abrahams Charlie Pannam

1904 was an iconic year for footy, as it was the first year a company produced a set of cards dedicated to football. Sniders & Abrahams brought out 73 cards featuring full length portraits of players at the time. As it was the first set, all the cards can be considered rookies, however the Charlie Pannam card is one that really stands out. Pannam was the first player to reach 100 VFL games and led the goal kicking in 1904 and 1905. He was a Collingwood favourite and won 2 premierships.

Number 71

1959 Kornies Sergio Silvagni

1959 Kornies Sergio Silvagni

Stephen Silvagni was known as SOS because he was the ‘Son of Serge’. Having your son’s nickname be a reference to you is high praise, and Sergio Silvagni deserved all of it. A dual premiership player, he was an amazing ruck-rover, combining with John Nicholls to help Carlton dominate the bounce. His 1959 Kornies rookie card is a gorgeous looking piece of cardboard and one you don’t see pop up very often.

Number 70

1979 Scanlens Tim Watson

1979 scanlens tim watson

Tim Watson is known these days for his media prowess but over a 17 season span, he was one of Essendon’s leading players. He played over 300 games, debuting at age 15, the fourth youngest in league history. Four Best and Fairests and three flags were just part of his impressive career, helped by impressive speed and aggression. Watson’s rookie card is the most popular in the 1979 Scanlens release.

Number 69

1957 Kornies Ted Whitten

The 1957 Kornies Mascot series is one of the most sought after and highly collected vintage releases in all of footy cards. With a scarcity rating of 8 and a unique design, the Ted Whitten card is without doubt the pick of the set, with the exception of the rookie cards. All E.J. playing day cards sell very fast when up for sale, but this one is particularly popular!

Number 68

1932 Clarke-Ellis Bob Pratt

1932 Clarke Ellis Bob Pratt rookie

Bob Pratt kicked 150 goals in a single season – a feat never done prior, and only equalled 4 decades later by Peter Hudson. He is a true legend of the Swans and kicked 10 or more goals on 8 occasions, leading South Melbourne’s tally for 6 years, and the entire league for half of those.  We could have chosen his 1932 Hoadleys Nutty Bar rookie as that is the same scarcity as the Clarke-Ellis card and attracts similar attention – when it shows up!

Number 67

1948 Kornies Dick Reynolds

1948 kornies richard dick reynolds

The 1948 Kornies set was a significant release for footy cards after a big break due to WW2. And there aren’t many more significant players than triple Brownlow Medallist Dick Reynolds. He only has a handful of playing day cards and all of them are highly sought after by collectors. A true Bomber legend and a highly-collectable player in many people’s PCs.

Number 66

1935 Hoadleys Jack Dyer

1935 Hoadleys Jack Dyer pic

Captain Blood’s rookie card may be in a 1933 set but his 1935 Hoadley’s release is his first card featuring a photo of him (rather than a caricature). It is also rarer than his 1933 release and thus can attract higher prices than the rookie. A gorgeous 2nd card of a Tiger legend.

Number 65

1949-50 Victorian Nut Supplies Dick Reynolds

1949-50 Victorian Nut Supplies Dick Reynolds

After 10 years without footy cards, fans were finally treated with a new set in 1949-50, when Victorian Nut Supplies brought out a release of ‘Australian Sporting Personalities’. While they included other sports such as cricketers, boxers and golfers, the footy cards are the most sought after. And not many attract a higher price than King Richard, Essendon’s triple Brownlow winner and legend of the club.

Number 64

1907-08 Sniders & Abrahams Dick Lee

1907-08 Sniders and Abrahams Dick Lee

Dick Lee may have been the first dominant key forward in league history. He led Collingwood’s goalkicking on an amazing 11 occasions and the entire VFL 7 times. One of the best placekickers in the game, Lee was named to the Magpie’s Team of the Century. His 1907-08 Sniders & Abrahams rookie card is an iconic card, from the same set as teammate Jock McHale’s rookie. Both have an identical looking card in the following years release, so be sure to look at the back to know if it’s the rookie card or not. (His RC says 2 years, the 2nd year card says 3).

Number 63

1969 Scanlens Peter Hudson

1969 scanlens peter hudson

Peter Hudson holds the highest career goal-per-game average (5.64) in VFL/AFL history. He kicked 727 goals at Hawthorn but if you include his non-Victorian record, his career goals balloon to an amazing 1687. While there is a 1968 Twisties caricature card of Hudson, many believe his 1969 Scanlens card to be his true rookie card, which has the feel of a high quality vintage card.

Number 62

1950 Kornies Bob Rose

1950 kornies robert bob rose

While the John Coleman card may be the hottest card in the 1950s Kornies set, the Bob Rose rookie isn’t far behind! Rose is considered by many to be the greatest player to ever wear a Collingwood guernsey, named at centre in the Magpies Team of the Century. A four time club best and fairest, he led the teams goalkicking in 1953 – a year he also finished runner up in the Brownlow. He coached 282 VFL games (the majority with the Pies) winning nearly 60% of these. If you collect vintage and don’t have a Rose rookie, you need to start searching for one!

Number 61

1965 Scanlens Ian Stewart

There are only 4 players in league history to win 3 Brownlow Medals. Ian Stewart is one of them. He also won them at 2 different clubs, a feat none of the others achieved. Stewart is a dual premiership player, being part of the Saints only premiership in 1966 and another with the Tigers in 1973. His 1965 Scanlens rookie card is only now starting to gain the attention of serious vintage collectors and it’s value has been rising steadily recently.

Number 60

1951 Harpers Easi Oats John Coleman

1951 Harpers Easi Oats John Coleman

In 1951, Harper’s Easi Oats released their Famous Footballers caricature set. With a scarcity level of 8 and only 40 in the set, these cards don’t come up very often these days. Naturally, the John Coleman Easi Oats card attracts a lot of attention when it appears with dozens of collectors bidding on it in an attempt to get it into their collection.

Number 59

1957 Kornies Kevin Murray

1957 kornies kevin murray

Along with Bob Skilton, Kevin Murray was a dominant force in the 50s and 60s year in year out, accumulating 9 Fitzroy Best and Fairests. Captain of the Lions for 8 years, he played 333 games for them and was named to the AFL Team of the Century. His rookie card is in the 1957 Kornies Mascots set, a rare and popular release, making it a very lucrative vintage card.

Number 58

1995 Select Series 1 Wayne Carey Signature

We’ve seen a surge in 1990’s signature cards lately, and there aren’t many more popular than King Carey. Despite his off-field shennanigans, the Kangaroo’s great attracts a lot of interest from collectors who PC top players. Carey is considered by many as the greatest ever (including Leigh Matthews) so it’s no surprise his 1995 signature card is on many collectors wish list. The autographs had a tendency to fade (thanks to the card surface and the ink used) so the ones which have stood the test of time attract a decent premium.

Number 57

1906 Dungey Ralph (Sweet Nell) John Kay

1906 Sweet Nell John Kay

One of the rarest sets in all of footy cards, Dungey Ralph produced a set promoting Sweet Nell Cigarettes in 1906. It featured South Australian footballers, with 49 cards believed to comprise the set. The John Kay Sweet Nell card is perhaps the most exciting in the set as he was potentially the best goalkicker in the early days of football. Playing for the South Adelaide Football Club, Kay was part of 5 premierships in the 1890’s and captained his side in 1903 and 1904. He also led the SA league goalkicking on three occasions. A truly rare card from an incredibly rare set.

Number 56

1964 Scanlens Darrel Baldock

1964 scanlens darrell baldock

Ian Stewart may have won the Brownlows, but Baldock led the Saints for 6 years, and was the premiership captain. He was runner up in the Brownlow twice, won 3 best and fairests and led St Kilda’s goal kicking on 4 occassions. “Mr Magic” is regarded by many as the greatest Saint, and his 1964 Scanlens rookie card is up there with Whitten and Barassi in terms of the most popular cards from that set.

Number 55

1905 Wills Albert Thurgood

Described as the “first icon of Australian rules football”, Thurgood was an Essendon star in the VFA and then the VFL. He debuted in 1892 and was known as the longest place kick in the history of football codes. Most of his playing days pre-date footy cards, yet he was lucky enough to be featured in the 1905 Wills set which featured both past and present champions. A true 6 footer, he led the Bombers goal kicking 5 times and won 3 premierships while they were in the VFA. One of few players to win the award “champion of the colony”. That’s vintage right there!

Number 54

1974 Dinkum Pies Leigh Matthews

1974 Dinkum Pies Leigh Matthews

In 1974, Dinkum Pies decided to promote their brand by releasing a card each week of the player of the round the previous week. 10 cards were released but they were not widely produced meaning their scarcity levels are significant. The Leigh Matthews Dinkum Pie card is the most popular, firstly because it’s of Lethal, secondly because it’s a second year card.

Number 53

1922 Thorps Roy Cazaly

Chocolate Fudge football captains sound delicious, and the thought of the 1922 Thorp’s footy cards make any vintage collector’s mouth water. They feature both VFL and VFA captains and are so rare that the total number is unknown (19 different cards have been identified). Roy Cazaly is synonymous with football, and his second year card from this hard to find Thorp’s set is one that very few collections are lucky enough to contain.

Number 52

1926 Craig & Hales Edward “Carji” Greeves

1925 Craig and Hales Edward Carji Greeves

Geelong fans will be familiar with the name Carji Greeves, as their annual best and fairest award is named after him. Born Edward Goderich Greeves, he played 124 games for the Cats over the course of a decaded, winning two premierships. The most significant thing about carji though is the fact he won the first Brownlow Medal ever, in 1925. His Craig and Hales rookie card from the same year is an incredibly underrated collectable which we believe will grow strongly over time. If you’re looking to pick one up you’ve got your work cut out though, as these ‘footballers and jockeys’ cards don’t show up very often.

Number 51

1983 Big Ben Stephen Kernahan

Stephen Kernahan was one of Carlton’s greatest leaders but his career started at Glenelg in the SANFL. That’s where his rookie card can be found, thanks to the 1983 Big Ben release. These cards were handed out with pies at the footy so a lot of them were damaged or lost. While lots of mainstream collectors love the “Sticks” 1987 Scanlens card, his lesser known first card from 4 years earlier is likely to capture a lot more attention over time.

Number 50

1932 Godfrey Phillips Haydn Bunton

1932 Godfrey Phillips Haydn Bunton

The first player to ever win 3 Brownlow Medals, and one of only 4 to this day, Haydn Bunton Senior was a brilliant footballer from the get-go. He only played 119 games in the VFL, but in 9 years, achieved more than most players could dream of. Club Champion, leading goal kicker, captain and of course Brownlow Medalist. He took his talents to WA and played 4 years at Subiaco, winning 3 Sandover Medals. In the mid 1900’s many people still considered him the games greatest ever player. His 1932 Godfrey Phillips card is one of 3 rookie cards of Bunton, the other 2 being Clarke-Ellis and Hoadleys, both worthy inclusions on this list too.

Number 49

1964 Scanlens John Nicholls

1964 Scanlens John Nicholls

Ask a random supporter who the greatest Carlton player was and they’ll likely say Alex Jesaulenko. But ask a passionate Blues fan and the answer may be John Nicholls. An undersized ruckman, he was one of the best in his craft thanks to his high footy IQ and physical presence. The first Blue to reach 300 games, he was a triple-premiership player, Carlton captain and 5x club best and fairest, an honour now in his name. His 1964 Scanlens rookie card rates as one of the best cards in the set, and one of the best vintage Blues cards you’re likely to find.

Number 48

1958 Jonco Football Shorts Allan Jeans

1958 jonco allan jeans

Jeans only played 77 games with St Kilda, but coached them to their first and only premiership in 1966. He went on to win 3 other flags, all with the Hawks in the 1980s. A true legend of the game, he was one of the great motivators who got the most out of his players. The 1958 Jonco Football Shorts is a rare playing day card of Jeans, available only when you purchased a pair of Jonco footy shorts. As they weren’t overly popular, not a tonne reached the market. If you bought the shorts, and got the Jeans, you’d be sitting on a good investment today!

Number 47

1997 Futera Gary Ablett

1997 futera gary ablett card

Futera produced some amazing sports cards in the 1990s, such as basketball and cricket. In 1997 they applied for an AFL license and put together 50 sample sets for a presentation. Two cards from each of 13 teams were made, including one of the great Gary Ablett. Futera’s bid was unsuccessful, no more of these cards were produced, and so any of these promo cards floating around are truly rare and highly collectable!

Number 46

1939 Allens Dick Reynolds

1939 allens dick reynolds

The great Dick Reynolds only had 5 playing day cards, and his 1939 Allen’s release was the second. It comes from a scarce set and features an action shot of the triple brownlow medalist. Because of WW2, this was the last footy card set produced for 9 years, when Kornies came on the scene. The Reynolds Allen’s card is the pick of the set.

Number 45

1923 JJ Schuh Kew Ming

1923 JJ Schuh Kew Ming

Some footy cards have historical significance and this 1923 JJ Schuh card of Kew Ming is one such card. Not many people will know the name Kew Ming. But he is recognised as one of the first footy players of Chinese descent, and a pioneer for multiculturalism in Australia. Born in 1897, he got into sports at a young age, but was shipped off to fight in WW1 at just 19. He became a Corporal and was awarded a Military Medal for bravery. Aged 22 he returned to Australia and played a year for Wedderburn, winning a flag before being scouted by North Melbourne in the VFA. He played half back and despite continually receiving racial abuse, helped lead the team to a grand final. Unfortunately in 1923, a broken collarbone saw Kew Ming’s VFA career cut short, but his impact on breaking down barriers (in a time remembered for the White Australia policy) was profound. This is his only football card.

Number 44

1968a Scanlens Royce Hart

1968 scanlens A royce hart

Royce Hart is considered by many to be the best Richmond player ever. And the 1968A Scanlens cards are incredibly popular and have an iconic vintage look and feel that resonates with collectors. So, since Hart’s rookie card features in this set, it is naturally very sought after. Hart was a 4-time premiership player with the Tigers, captaining the side for 4 years and kicking 369 goals from centre half forward. He was named in the AFL Team of the Century.

Number 43

1993 Select Tony Lockett Signature

1993 select tony lockett signature

Select first started producing sports cards in 1993 and that year they got straight into signature cards. Back then though, the quality control was a lot worse than today. Surfaces were hard to right on, the pens used were questionable at best and as a result, a lot of them are messy or have faded over the years. Four players signed 500 cards each in 1993 and to have one in nice condition today is a big result! This was the first signature card of Tony Lockett, the league’s all time leading goal kicker!

Number 42

1981 Scanlens Peter Daicos

1981 scanlens peter daicos

The 1981 Scanlens set was produced in very high quantities, which is why this Peter Daicos rookie card doesn’t rank higher. But it’s still incredibly popular with Magpie supporters and footy card collectors alike, reaching 3 figures if in nice condition. The Macedonian Marvel was one of the most exciting players to watch in the 80s, and his 2 sons have carried on the Daicos legacy nicely.

Number 41

1996 Select Centenary Ted Whitten Commemorative Card

1996 select centenary ted whitten

Classic Metal was a high end Select release in 1996 and sold for $6.95 a pack. The prized card of the release was a Ted Whitten Commemorative holofoil card, paying tribute to the late great EJ, and found only once in every 24 boxes. It’s an iconic photo of an iconic player and even though 700 were produced, back then this was a low print run! A lot of these cards wouldn’t have made it to modern times so the remaining population will be a lot lower than this.

Number 40

1963 Scanlens Ron Barassi

1963 scanlens ron barassi

The 1963 Scanlens cards have long been seen as the Holy Grail of footy card collecting. Ron Barassi is one of the top few cards in the set and a must for Demon collectors. Barassi is one of the most influential names in the history of the game, playing over 250 games with Melbourne and then Carlton and coadching over 500 games across 4 clubs and 4 decades! A 6 time premiership player and Demons captain for 5 years, Ronald Dale Barassi is still one of the most famous footballers our game has known.

Number 39

1994 Dynamic Players Choice Gary Ablett Gold Signature

1994 Dynamic Players Choice Gary Ablett Gold Signature

In conjunction with the AFL Players Association, Dynamic Marketing produced a popular footy card set in 1994. Depsite being mass-produced, the gold signature cards were limited to 500 each. Any signed Gary Ablett card is in high demand, but since this was the first year he signed a football card, it has added appeal.

Number 38

1963 Scanlens Bob Skilton

1963 scanlens bob skilton

Along with Barassi and Whitten, Skilton was a top tier player in the 1960s. So, it’s no surprise his 1963 Scanlens card from the “Holy Grail” set is a prized card that deserves to be on any list. Ironically the photo doesn’t have him in a Swans uniform, but rather a Victorian state jumper, which he may have worn to training the night of the photos.

Number 37

1906 Greathead’s Tonic Fred Fontaine

1906 Greathead's Tonic Fred Fontaine

The 1906 Greatheads Tonic cards are some of the rarest in all the hobby. So, any player from that release will attract a high price. But a top level player will see an even bigger premium. Fred Fontaine played an amazing 6 grand finals for Fitzroy between 1898 and 1906, and was instrumental in the four flags they won. He had a massive kick, and represented the Big V in interstate games.

Number 36

1933 Carreras Bob Miram Football Series Jack Dyer

1933 carreras football series jack dyer rookie card

Captain Blood is synonymous with the Richmond Football Club. He left nothing on the field and was a true competitor both as a player and a coach. Two flags, two club goalkickers and 5 B&Fs, Dyer went on to a role in the media and is one of the Tigers most popular personalities ever. His rookie card was from the 1933 Bob Miram Football Series, where the artist drew caricatures of all the players. It’s only recently been gaining widespread attention and now reaches 3 figures when up for sale.

Number 35

1991 Stimorol Wayne Carey

1991 stimorol wayne carey

Stimorol cards from the early 90s aren’t exactly rare, but the rookie card of Wayne Carey – debatably the best ever – still attracts significant attention. A two-time premiership captain and 4-time All Australian captain, he was truly remarkable with the footy, and his first card deserves a spot on the top list. Ironically, it’s the only Stimorol card to have made the top 100.

Number 34

1970 Scanlens Kevin Sheedy

1970 scanlens kevin sheedy

Sheeds has done more for footy than almost anyone else in the history of the game. He was a handy player, without being brilliant, but it was coaching where the great man stood out. He led Essendon to 4 premierships across 634 games and had one of the best winning percentages of his time. His 1970 Scanlens rookie card is from the set with a distinctive yellow background and checkered pattern. It is the rarest Scanlens set (outside of the first few in the 60s) and the Sheedy card is top dog from that release.

Number 33

1955 Coles Series 3 John Coleman

1955 coles series 3 john coleman

All playing day cards of John Coleman are in high demand and his 4 Coles cards from the mid-1950s generate lots of interest when auctioned. But the series 3 card from 1955 is by far the best of those. Not only is it from the rarest Coles set, but the photo features him taking a classic mark, adding to the appeal for collectors.

Number 32

1962 Coca Cola Polly Farmer

1962 Coca Cola Polly Farmer

In 1962, Coca Cola produced a Geelong League Football Stars set, which could be stuck into a folder. It happened to include Graham Farmer, known now as Polly, and established as one of the greatest ruckman ever. But while this is Polly’s first card it is not his rookie card. By definition, a rookie card needs to be from a release that features multiple teams. Since the Coke set was only of Geelong, it does not reach the criteria of a rookie card, that honour going to the 1963 Scanlens card of the next year. Despite this, the Coca Cola cards are very rare (especially in undamaged condition) so this first ever card of Farmer is still one of the best in the hobby.

Number 31

1997 Select Ultimate Tony Lockett Medal Card Signature

In 1997, Select released their “Medal Cards”, showcasing the previous years award winners, including Tony Lockett, who won the Coleman Medal in 1996. There was also a signature version, however Lockett initially refused to sign, because the card used by Select had him wearing Adidas boots – and he was currently sponsored by Puma. It wasn’t until Select produced a new version of the card for him to sign (with a photo of him wearing Puma boots) that the spearhead finally put pen to cardboard. So, interestingly, the standard medal card and signature version have 2 different photos.

Number 30

1958 Atlantic Bob Skilton

1958 atlantic bob skilton

Atlantic Oil released one season of footy cards in 1958 to promote their petrol products. 128 cards of footballers were featured, one of which is the rookie card of Bob Skilton. Looking very young and not even dressed in sporting attire, the Skilton card has soared in value in recent years. Not surprising when you consider he was a 9 time club best and fairest for the Swans.

Number 29

1963 Scanlens Ted Whitten

1963 Scanlens Ted Whitten

A couple of decades ago, this card was considered the best in the hobby by many. The most iconic player from the most iconic set, the price for a nice condition version approached $2k. As the hobby has evolved, newer signature cards have gained appeal, rookie cards have become big business, and lots of other obscure sets have generated attention. The Whitten ’63 Scanlens card is still one of the best vintage cards you’ll find. But as a testament to our hobby, there are lots of other great footy cards competing with it for popularity!

Number 28

1996 Select Hall of Fame Ron Barassi Legend Signature

1996 Select Hall of Fame Ron Barassi Legend Signature

The Select Hall of Fame cards in 1996 paid tribute to 100 years of footy. It also contained some of the best inserts we’ve ever seen, thanks to the 8 signature cards of AFL Living Legends. Barassi has signed quite a few cards over the years, but none are more prized than this gem!

Number 27

1998 Select Signature Series Gary Ablett Jumbo Case Card Signature

1998 select gary ablett signature

In 1998, this Gary Ablett jumbo sized signature card was given to dealers who purchased a case at the time. Limited to 200, it has a very low print run for an Ablett sig from the 90’s and one of the most interesting cards produced during that period.

Number 26

1995 Select Sensation AFLPA MVP Wayne Carey Gold Card

1995 select sensation wayne carey gold card

One of the most unique cards on the list, this gold plated card was to honour the 1994 MvP of the league. A prototype was made using Gary Ablett who was expected to win the award, but after Carey surprisingly won, Select had to pivot and make a new design featuring the Kangaroo star. The 10 prototypes of Ablett were not destroyed, more on that later.

Number 25

1987 Scanlens Jason Dunstall

jason dunstal 1987 scanlens

When listing the greatest full forwards of all time, Jason Dunstall’s name will definitely be brought up. 1254 goals across 269 games, 3 time goalkicking leader of the league, and 12 time Hawks best goalkicker. His rookie card is from the 1987 Scanlens set, which while not particular rare, had a tendency for the black border to whiten easily. Meaning mint copies of this card are quite scarce and hence very valuable.

Number 24

1968a Scanlens Alex Jesaulenko

1968 scanlens alex jesaulenko

“Jesaulenko, you beauty”, is a phrase most footy lovers will have heard numerous times. Jezza was an exciting player for the Blues with an amazing marking ability. He kicked 444 goals in 279 games, making 2 AAs and winning 4 flags. His rookie card fittingly features in the iconic looking 1968A Scanlens set.

Number 23

1996 Select Hall of Fame Jack Dyer Legend Signature

1996 select hof jack dyer legend signature

One of the 8 living legends (at the time) to sign the inaugural Select Legends Signature cards in 1996, Dyer lived and breathed footy. Autographs were very new to the footy card game in the mid 1990’s, and the fact Dyer signed 110 of these cards, less than a decade before he passed away, is significant.

Number 22

1953 Kornies Ted Whitten

1953 kornies ted whitten

“Mr Football” is without doubt a top 5 past player when it comes to vintage footy card popularity. So, it’s no surprise that his rookie card from the 1953 Kornies set is high up on this list. Whitten was a working class hero for the public, playing for the Doggies in the western suburbs in the 1950s and 60s and loved to put on a show.

Number 21

1969 Scanlens Kevin Bartlett Die Cut

1969 Scanlens Kevin Bartlett Die Cut

There is debate about whether Kevin Bartlett’s 1969 Scanlens card should be considered a rookie card, since it is essentially an insert rather than a base card. But there’s no debate over whether it is an awesome card. One of the few footy cards showing Barlett with hair (and some pimples no less), these diecuts were popped so to find them in untouched condition is quite rare. KB played 403 games for Richmond, a league record until it was beaten by Michael Tuck in the 1980s. Bartlett won 5 flags and is one of the all time great Tigers.

Number 20

1949-50 Victorian Nut Supplies John Coleman

1949-50 Victoria Nut Supplies John Coleman

One of two “rookie cards” of the great John Coleman, this was technically released slightly earlier than the 1950s Kornies card. But being a black and white caricature, it has not been accepted by the mainstream as his official rookie card, despite being much rarer and attracting 4 figures when up for sale. Either way, this card sits high up on the all time footy card list, being the first card of Coleman and being super rare. Coleman kicked 537 goals in just 98 appearances but his career was cut short by a major knee injury. He went on to coach the Bombers and led them to a premiership in 1962, just his second year at the helm. He was their last premiership coach until Kevin Sheedy in 1984.

Number 19

1994 Select Ultimate Nathan Buckley Gold Signature

Draft Pick Signature cards didn’t come out until 1998. But in 1994, Select produced 10 Gold Signature cards, one of which happened to be of Nathan Buckley. This was essentially a variation of his rookie card, and as close to a DPS as we saw back in those days. Buckley went on to be one of the Collingwood greats so a rookie signature limited to 500 cards is something not to be sneezed at.

Number 18

1996 Select Hall of Fame Polly Farmer Legend Signature

1996 select hof polly farmer legend signature

One of several Hall of Fame Legend Signatures to make an appearance in the top 100. Polly’s card is one of the most popular in the set, partly because he’s no longer with us, partly because of the dominating force he was on the field.

Number 17

1907-08 Sniders & Abrahams (Series D) Jock McHale

1907-08 sniders jock mchale

When you look at baseball and see cards like the 1952 Topps Micky Mantle or the T206 Honus Wagner, it’s easy for AFL collectors to look at what might be the equivalent in footy. The 1907-08 Sniders & Abrahams Jock McHale rookie card might be a good place to start. Jock was a legendary figure for Collingwood and his rookie comes from a set with a scarcity rating of 5. But the back of the card is where things start to get really interesting. Most cards were produced with rows of circles on the back. But there is a second variation with horizontal lines above and below the circles. These were incredibly rare. So, if you find a Jock McHale rookie card with circles AND lines, you may be sitting on Australia’s answer to Honus Wagner! (Sidenote: the 1908-09 McHale card is identical to his rookie from the front, the only way to tell the difference is the back says playing 5 years, his 2nd card says 6yrs).

Number 16

1958 Jonco Football Shorts Ted Whitten

Jonco Footy Shorts ran a promo in 1958 and gave away a sheet of 6 footy cards, joined by perforated edges. It includes a header card and 5 players, of which there were 45 to collect. Judging from the rarity of these cards, it’s likely Jonco’s shorts weren’t overly popular back in the day! But they’ve made for some super collectable cards that attract a 4-figure price guide. Ted Whitten’s card is the most sought after, and ironically he was the one front and centre in most of Jonco’s marketing campaigns.

Number 15

1923 JJ Schuh Gordon Coventry

1923 jj schuh gordon coventry

“Nuts” was footy’s first real star. He led Collingwood’s goalkicking an incredible 16 times and led the entire league 6 times. 1299 goals over 18 seasons is second only to the great Tony Lockett. In 1930 he kicked 17 goals in a single match! Coventry’s rookie card appears in the 1923 JJ Schuh set and is becoming increasingly rare, especially in nice condition.

Number 14

1922 McIntyre Bros Roy Cazaly

1922 mcintyre bros roy cazaly

In 1921 and 1922, McIntyre Bros promoted their chocolate products with a range of cards, including football. They had a distintive tarten design with an oval shaped photo overlaying it and are one of the most unique cards to this day. The Roy Cazaly card from 1922 is a second year card of the South Melbourne legend, but also an incredibly rare collectable.

Number 13

1996 Select Hall of Fame Dick Reynolds
Legend Signature

1996 select hof dick reynolds legend signature

Another Hall of Fame Legend Signature from 1996, Triple Brownlow winner Dick Reynolds is another of the most popular from that set. The Bombers great passed away 6 years after this was released and signed cards of his are few and far between. King Richard is considered by many Bombers fans as the greatest to ever wear an Essendon jumper.

Number 12

1986 Scanlens Gary Ablett

1986 scanlens gary ablett

Gary Ablett’s first Scanlens card has long been considered his rookie card. While his 1982 Ardmona card came out 4 years earlier, it came from a less mainstream release, wasn’t randomly inserted in packs (but rather pulled off from a perforated team sheet) and featured him in a Hawks uniform. The debate will continue to rage as to which is Ablett’s “true rookie” but either way, the 1986 card is his first Scanlens card, his first Geelong card and an iconic piece of footy card history.

Number 11

1957 Kornies Ron Barassi

1957 kornies ron barassi

Barassi’s contribution to the game of football is up there with the best. A legend of the leather ball, his 1957 rookie card comes from an incredibly rare and very unique set. The 1957 Kornies cards have a scarcity rating of 8 and feature a photo of the player’s head atop a caricature body. Recent Barassi rookies have sold for hundreds of dollars online, even in poor condition. It’s a card that will only increase in value over time.

Number 10

1985 Scanlens Tony Lockett

1985 scanlens tony lockett

Plugger is the leading goalkicker in the game’s history. That in itself makes Tony Lockett a very popular player to PC and recent sales have shown this. Similar to Dunstall’s 1987 rookie, Lockett’s 1985 rookie comes from a Scanlens set that isn’t overly rare, but the green border is incredibly susceptible to whitening. So, if you own a copy with minimal whitening and no other imperfections, you’re sitting on a very nice piece of cardboard!

Number 9

1995 Select Sensation AFLPA MVP Gary Ablett
Gold Card prototype

1995 select sensation mvp gary ablett prototype

In 1995, Select decided to release a gold plated AFLPA MVP card and made a prototype using Gary Ablett, who had won the previous year’s award and was expected to win again. 10 copies were made but when Carey surprisingly won, Select had to make a new design featuring the North Melbourne champion. The 10 prototypes of Ablett seemed to have made it into the mainstream, and rumour has it Gary himself was given the 05/10 prototype, which he gave to his young son at the time. That bloke happened to be named Gary Ablett Junior, who went on to do pretty decent things on the paddock himself.

Number 8

1934 Macrobertsons 1/2d Footballers Dick Reynolds

1934 macrobertsons dick reynolds

In 1934, Macrobertsons inserted sports cards into their chocolate products. There was both a Sports Champions and VFL release. The Footballers release had a portrait shot of the players with a dark brown border. There were 216 cards released during the year, as 3 different sets. The first 72 are very hard to find, the next 72 incredibly hard, and the final 72 near impossible! It’s the third set that features the Dick Reynolds rookie card, making the iconic card even more of a gem! Only a few have been seen in modern times.

Number 7

1973 Scanlens Leigh Matthews

1973 scanlens leigh matthews

If you rate the 1973 Leigh Matthews rookie card as the greatest vintage card ever, you’re not alone. It’s an impressive looking card with an iconic photo and we see it as one of the best too. The 1973 Scanlens set isn’t overly scarce but over time it’s becoming harder to find these Lethal Leigh rookies, especially in nice condition. In case you haven’t heard of this bloke, Matthews played 332 games with the Hawks, winning 4 premierships, the last of which as captain. He coached 461 games for Collingwood and Brisbane, including the three-peat of flags at the start of the century. One of the few legitimate players in the GOAT debate.

Number 6

1999 Select Premiere Tony Lockett
Record Signature

1999 select premiere tony-lockett record signature

These days, signature cards limited to 50 or 70 are commonplace. But back in the 1990s, a signature card with only 66 copies was insanely rare! The Goal Kicking Record Signature card was found 1 in every 5400 packs, and is a significant card in the history of footy, honouring Plugger taking over as the leading goalkicker of all time. This record may never be broken.

Number 5

1950 Kornies John Coleman

1950 kornies john coleman

When you averaged 5.48 goals per game, you’re going to have some admirers. So, it’s not surprising that plenty of footy card collectors PC the great John Coleman, even if they’re not Bombers fans. He is the only player in the history of the game to kick 100 goals in his debut season, snagging the century in the final moments of the 1949 grand final. In 1981 the league’s goalkicking award was named in his honour, and he was named as Full Forward in the Team of the Century, ahead of other greats such as Lockett, Coventry, Pratt, Dunstall and Hudson. His 1950 Kornies rookie card is one that has surged in popularity in recent years. Despite him having a Victorian Nut Supplies card in the same year, it’s the Kornies one that appeals more to the mainstream, likely because it is better known, and has an actual photo of the Bomber great, not a caricature.

Number 4

1996 Select Hall of Fame Leigh Matthews
Legend Signature

1996 select hof legend signature leigh matthews

In 1996, the first 12 Legends were announced in the AFL Hall of Fame. Select released a number of sets in that Centenary year, one being Classic Metal. Within that, they produced a Legend Signature subset, featuring the 8 living Legends just inducted. Limited to 110 cards each, this subset continues to show up in future Select releases and may well be the most popular of all insert sets in footy. And as far as legends go, there aren’t many greater than Lethal Leigh Matthews. His HOF Legend Signature card features the same iconic photo from his 1973 Scanlens rookie release and hardly ever shows up for sale. Good luck if you’ve got one!

Number 3

1982 Ardmona Gary Ablett

1982 ardmona gary ablett

You wouldn’t think that a card of Gary Ablett in a Hawks uniform would appeal to many people. Yet Gazza’s first card is one of the most iconic and sought after in the hobby now. Most people know Ablett Senior for his high-flying marks and amazing goals while at Geelong, but the Cats legend  playing 6 senior games in 1982 for Hawthorn, kicking 10 goals during that season.  Originally from the country, his struggle to adjust to city life and lack of attendance at training saw coach Allen Jeans let him go, and in 1984, Ablett was transferred to Geelong for $60k. The rest is history. But it was during the uneventful 1982 season that Ablett was featured on an Ardmona card, which today sells for 4 figures (if you’re lucky enough to find one). There has been heated debate whether this card or his 1986 Scanlens card should be considered his “rookie card”, since the Ardmona one was part of a perforated sheet and not an actual card found in packs. Whatever the case, his 1982 card attracts a much higher premium and is a worthy participant near the top of the all time card list.

Number 2

1996 Select Hall of Fame Platinum
Dick Reynolds, Ian Stewart, Bob Skilton
Triple Brownlow Signature

1996 triple brownlow signature

To celebrate the centenary of football, Select released a special Hall of Fame Platinum set. Only 100 sets were produced and offered exclusively to MCC members. Presented in an album, they came with Platinum versions of all the regular Hall of Fame base cards as well as inserts. Within this  set was also a special Triple Brownlow Signature card, signed by the 3 (living) players who had each won a record three Brownlow Medals. A triple auto was something of a novelty back in the 1990s and considering it has been signed by 3 all time greats – Dick Reynolds, Ian Stewart and Bob Skilton, it’s no surprise that today it is one of the most sought after cards in the hobby!

Number 1

1963 Scanlens Polly Farmer

1963 scanlens graham polly farmer img

Not many players influenced the game of AFL like Polly Farmer. The Geelong ruckman had brilliant handwork, not only tapping to teammates but taking the ball out of the contest and handballing regularly. He is noted as revolutionising the handball, which became seen as ‘as good as a kick’. His 1963 card is from the Holy Grail of vintage footy card sets, making it instantly iconic. But on top of that, the Farmer card is by far the rarest in the set of 18. Rumour has it that upon production, a large majority of the Farmer cards were miscut, and simply thrown out, meaning most of his cards never made it to market. The Holy Grail of all Holy Grails, it proudly sits atop the perch of the best Scanlens card ever!