1995 Select Series 2

1995 Select Series 2 Football Cards

Collection: 200 cards, 16 Club Captain cards (1:8 packs), 10 Footy’s Finest (1:24 packs), 5 Just Jezza cards (1:50 packs), 1 Legend Card (1:200 packs), 2 Signature Redemption cards (1:720 packs)

12 cards per pack
36 packs per box
30,000 boxes produced

Series 2 of 1995 Select included another 200 base cards, ensuring plenty of players got their faces on cardboard that year! Another 5 insert sets made an appearance including Just Jezza – a commemorative set of Alex Jesaulenko, one of the all time greats. He was also featured on a signature redemption, as was the Macedonian Marvel, Peter Daicos.

1995 select series 2 box



1995 select s2 jeff farmer

Complete Set (200)
Common Card (251-450)

251 Dean Kemp
252 Glen Jakovich
253 Peter Matera
254 Ryan Turnbull RC
255 Chris Waterman
256 Fraser Gehrig RC
257 Tony Evans RC
258 Shane Bond
259 Jarrad Schofield RC
260 David Hynes
261 Mitchell White
262 Craig Bradley
263 Greg Williams
264 Stephen Silvagni
265 Matthew Allan RC
266 Brett Ratten
267 Anthony Koutoufides RC
268 Scott Camporeale RC
269 James Cook
270 Tony Lynn RC
271 Adrian Whitehead RC
272 Matthew Clape RC
273 Wayne Schwass
274 John Longmire
275 Corey McKernan
276 David King RC
277 Glenn Archer
278 Adrian McAdam
279 Warren Campbell
280 John Barnett RC
281 Jason Daniltchenko RC
282 Keenan Reynolds RC
283 Matthew Armstrong
284 Gary Ablett
285 John Barnes
286 Michael Mansfield
287 Steven Handley RC
288 Paul Brown
289 David Mensch RC
290 Leigh Tudor RC
291 Adrian Hickmott
292 Liam Pickering
293 Aaron Lord RC
294 Ben Graham RC
295 Tony Liberatore
296 Leon Cameron
297 Chris Grant
298 Steven Kolyniuk RC
299 Brad Nicholson
300 Luke Beveridge
301 Ben Sexton RC
302 Peter Quill
303 Nigel Kellett
304 Tyson Lane RC
305 Jose Romero
306 Darren Jarman
307 John Platten
308 Mark Graham
309 Darrin Pritchard
310 Nick Holland RC
311 Mark Bunn RC
312 Paul Cooper
313 Tim Hargreaves
314 Matthew Young RC
315 Scott Crow RC
316 Simon Minton-Connell
317 Steven Febey
318 Glenn Lovett
319 Todd Viney
320 Stephen Tingay
321 Darren Kowal RC
322 Jeff Hilton RC
323 Kevin Dyson RC
324 Paul Hopgood RC
325 Dean Irving RC
326 Shaun Smith RC
327 Jeff Farmer RC
328 Nathan Buckley
329 Michael McGuane
330 Damian Monkhorst
331 Brett James
332 Kent Butcher RC
333 Nick Hider RC
334 Paul Sharkey RC
335 Brad Rowe
336 Mark Richardson RC
337 Damian Houlihan
338 Dermott Brereton
339 Brendon Gale
340 Matthew Knights
341 Wayne Campbell
342 John Howat
343 Duncan Kellaway RC
344 Ashley Prescott RC
345 Mark Neeld RC
346 Nathan Bower RC
347 Justin Murphy RC
348 Stuart Edwards RC
349 Matthew Francis RC
350 Michael Long
351 Gavin Wanganeen
352 James Hird
353 Scott Cummings RC
354 Barry Young RC
355 Damien Hardwick
356 Stephen Alessio RC
357 Paul Hills
358 Tim Darcy
359 Michael Symons
360 Mark Fraser
361 Tony Modra
362 Mark Ricciuto
363 Shaun Rehn
364 David Brown RC
365 Sean Wellman RC
366 Nick Pesch RC
367 Martin McKinnon RC
368 Brett Chalmers
369 Rodney Maynard
370 Andrew Jarman
371 Jason McCartney
372 Marcus Ashcroft
373 Scott McIvor
374 Alastair Lynch
375 Nigel Lappin RC
376 Shaun Hart
377 Justin Leppitsch
378 Nathan Chapman
379 Craig Starcevich
380 Matthew Clarke
381 Ross Lyon
382 Andrew Gowers
383 Nicky Winmar
384 Stewart Loewe
385 Robert Harvey
386 Jamie Shanahan
387 Chris Hollow RC
388 Gordon Fode
389 Kristian Bardsley RC
390 Shane Wakelin
391 Craig Devonport
392 Matthew Lappin RC
393 Glen Coghlan RC
394 Jason Baldwin
395 Jarrod Molloy
396 Chris Johnson
397 Matthew Dent RC
398 Frank Bizzotto RC
399 Nick Mitchell RC
400 Brett Cook RC
401 Rowan Warfe RC
402 Doug Hawkins
403 Simon Atkins
404 Jason Ramsay RC
405 Derek Kickett
406 Mark Bayes
407 Troy Luff RC
408 Scott Direen RC
409 Troy Gray RC
410 Neil Brunton
411 Simon Garlick RC
412 Adam Heuskes RC
413 Shannon Grant RC
414 Paul Roos
415 Tony Lockett
416 Stephen O’Reilly
417 Scott Watters
418 Peter Mann
419 Winston Abraham RC
420 Matthew Burton RC
421 Craig Nettelbeck
422 Todd Ridley RC
423 Jeff White RC
424 Greg Madigan RC
425 Malcolm Blight
426 Bruce Doull
427 Keith Greig
428 Wayne Carey
429 Bob Skilton
430 Geoff Southby
431 Ted Whitten
432 Ian Stewart
433 Royce Hart
434 Jason Dunstall
435 Francis Bourke
436 Barry Davis
437 Darrel Baldock
438 Polly Farmer
439 John Nicholls
440 Wayne Johnston
441 Leigh Matthews
442 Doug Wade
443 Peter Hudson
444 Gary Ablett
445 Austinn Jones RC
446 Michael Martyn
447 Wayne Carey
448 Tony Modra
449 Checklist
450 Checklist


1995 select s2 club captain scott wynd

Complete Set (16)
Common Card (CC1-CC16)
Odds 1:8 packs

CC1 Tony McGuinness
CC2 Roger Merrett
CC3 Stephen Kernahan
CC4 Gavin Brown
CC5 Mark Thompson
CC6 Brad Boyd
CC7 Scott Wynd
CC8 Ben Allan
CC9 Ablett Hinkley Stoneham
CC10 Jason Dunstall
CC11 Garry Lyon
CC12 Wayne Carey
CC13 Tony Free
CC14 Danny Frawley
CC15 Paul Kelly
CC16 John Worsfold


1995 select s2 footys finest jason dunstall

Complete Set (10)
Common Card (FF1-FF10)
Odds 1:24 packs

FF1 Gary Ablett
FF2 Nathan Buckley
FF3 Wayne Carey
FF4 Jason Dunstall
FF5 Garry Hocking
FF6 Stephen Kernahan
FF7 Tony Lockett
FF8 Peter Matera
FF9 Tony Modra
FF10 Greg Williams


1995 select s2 just jezza

Complete Set (5)
Common Card (JJ1-JJ5)
Odds 1:50 packs

JJ1 Alex Jesaulenko
JJ2 Alex Jesaulenko
JJ3 Alex Jesaulenko
JJ4 Alex Jesaulenko
JJ5 Alex Jesaulenko


1995 select s2 legend signature peter daicos

Complete Set (1)
Common Card (LC2)
Odds 1:200 packs

LC2 Peter Daicos


1995 select s2 legend signature peter daicos

Complete Set (2)
Common Card (RC1-RC2)
Odds 1:20 boxes
Limited to 500 cards each

RC1 Peter Daicos
RC2 Alex Jesaulenko








What the columns mean

In each section of the price guide there is a HI and LO column. These represent the selling ranges of the listed cards and sets. The do not correspond to different conditions of the cards, nor do they represent buy and sell prices. The HI colum represents full retail prices, which is the cards full value. Popular cards generally sell for this amount of sometimes even higher. The LO column represents the price you may be able to get the card for at a reduced level. This is influenced by a number of factors including regional variation, sales, player unpopularity and other factors. The HI column is usually the price quoted by a dealer as the full value of a particular card or set. The newer the card, the more available it tends to be, and the more likely it may be discounted.

Card Condition

Grading of cards is subjective. Collectors differ on the strictness and importance of quality. The following condition guide is to minimise subjectivity.

  • Pristine
  • Mint
  • Near Mint
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Cards from 2000 onwards should be in mint condition in order to be valued as the listed price.
Cards from the 1990’s should be in near mint condition (1990’s cards in mint condition are valued 125-150% of the listed price).
Cards from the 1950-80’s should be in excellent condition (1950-80’s cards in near mint are valued at 150% of the listed price and in mint condition 200% of the listed price).
Cards from pre-1950 should be in very good condition (pre-1950 cards in excellent condition are valued at 125-150% of the listed price, in near mint condition are valued at 200% of the listed price and in mint condition 300%.
Condition below these will reduce the value accordingly.

Numbered cards

Some limited release cards are individually numbered. Cards numbered 001 and the jumper number of the player are considered more valuable. For lower end cards, this can add 300-500% to the price. For higher end cards, this can add 150-200% to the price.

Other lower numbered cards (ie. 004, 005) are also considered to be more valuable. While they don’t hold as much weight as 001 or jumper number, lower numbered cards can add 200-300% for lower end cards and 150% to higher end cards. Anything in single digits may be considered a low number. 11/60 would not necessarily attract a higher price based on its numbering.

RC – Rookie Card definition

A players rookie card (RC) is the first appearance on a regular issue card from one of the major companies (Kornies, Scanlens, Stimorol, Regina, Select). A RC is not a subset or insert card, but the first standard release card of that player by a mainstream company.

How do we price cards and sets?

Our team performs extensive research when curating our price guide and updating the lists. Prices are influenced by online sales on eBay and eBid, sales at auction houses and trading card and collectable stores. We also include factors such as player popularity and performance, age and scarcity.

This is only a guide

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