Clarke-Ellis Confectionary 1932

1932 Clarke-Ellis Confectionary

Collection: 108 cards
Scarcity rating: 8
The 1932 Clarke-Ellis cards feature the same players and photos as the Hoadleys set of the same year. However, the fronts have a background of the team emblem with a headshot set atop this in a circle frame. The backs state there are 216 cards to collect however only the 108 cards have even been seen so it seems they might have been planning a second series or just decided on reducing the number, after the printing press had already been configured.

1932 clarke ellis vfl cards


NNO Horrie Bullen
NNO Cresswell Crisp RC
NNO Charlie Davey
NNO Alf Egan
NNO Frank Gill
NNO Jack Green
NNO Gordon Mackie
NNO Frank O’Rourke
NNO Charles Street
NNO Percy Bowyer
NNO George Clayden
NNO Harry Collier
NNO Gordon Coventry
NNO Syd Coventry
NNO Charlie Dibbs
NNO Frank Murphy
NNO Leonard Murphy
NNO Harold Rumney
NNO Bruce Anderson
NNO Syd Carman
NNO Keith Forbes
NNO Frank Ford
NNO Edward Freyer
NNO Len Johnson
NNO Norm Le Brun
NNO William Lowenthal
NNO Howard Okey
NNO Colin Benham
NNO Haydn Bunton RC
NNO Norman Cockram
NNO Frank Curcio
NNO Frank Gibson
NNO Willis Reeve
NNO Wilfred Smallhorn RC
NNO Tom Wells
NNO Thomas Williams
NNO Harry Baker
NNO Bill Cubbins
NNO William Downie
NNO Alan Hopkins
NNO Alfred Lambe
NNO Roy McKay
NNO Walter Minogue
NNO Alby Morrison
NNO Wally O’Brien
NNO Jack Carney
NNO Arthur Coghlan
NNO Jack G Collins
NNO Reg Hickey
NNO Rupe McDonald
NNO Len Metherell
NNO Tom Quinn
NNO Arthur Rayson
NNO George Todd
NNO William Carey
NNO Alan Chandler
NNO Bert Hyde
NNO Clarrie Lonsdale
NNO Bert Mills
NNO Ted Poole
NNO Jack Ryan
NNO Stan Spinks RC
NNO Edward Utting
NNO Percy Beames RC
NNO Jimmy Davidson
NNO Arch Dickens
NNO George Margitich RC
NNO Gordon Ogden
NNO Alan Ryan
NNO Ray Usher
NNO Bill Vanthoff
NNO Ivor Warne-Smith
NNO Syd Barker Jr
NNO Tom Fitzmaurice
NNO Neville Huggins
NNO George Jerram
NNO John Lewis
NNO Ted Llewellyn
NNO Bob Matthews
NNO Jack Patterson
NNO Jack Welsh
NNO Jack Baggott RC
NNO Percy Bentley
NNO Alan Geddes
NNO Fred Heifner
NNO Maurie Hunter
NNO Stan Judkins
NNO Maurie Sheahan
NNO Jack Titus
NNO Eric Zschech
NNO Roy Bence
NNO Doug Bourne
NNO Robert Kenna
NNO Stuart King
NNO Harold Matthews
NNO Geoff Neil
NNO Harold Neill
NNO Fred Phillips
NNO Arthur Roberts
NNO Jack Austin
NNO Terry Brain
NNO Harry Clarke
NNO Brighton Diggins
NNO Herb Matthews RC
NNO Cecil Pettiona
NNO Bob Pratt RC
NNO Austin Robertson
NNO Reg Thomas


1932 clarke ellis cubbins